Matthew Perry's New Book Won't 'Sugarcoat' Anything About Time On Friends, Here's What It'll Cover

Matthew Perry appears on Friends: The Reunion.
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Chandler Bing is one of the most beloved sitcom characters of all time. His goofy charm and quick one-liners kept fans laughing through Friends’ 10-year run and continues to do so through syndication and streaming. For Matthew Perry, though, longtime fans remember that his character’s on-screen antics covered up some serious struggles, as the actor battled addiction and felt extreme pressure to get big laughs. In his upcoming memoir, Perry will put that all on display, as the actor has reportedly revealed he isn’t going to “sugarcoat” any of his tribulations.

Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing will delve into Matthew Perry’s relationships, addiction and experiences on the set of Friends — both good and bad. In the actor’s announcement on Twitter about the memoir, he said so much has been speculated about his life that it’s time we heard it from him. Perry has no interest in glossing over the tough topics, either, a source told US Weekly.

He’ll delve into his addictions, of course, plus clear up rumors about his feelings for the Friends costars. Plus, he’ll discuss what went wrong in a number of his past relationships. It wasn’t always a bed of roses for Matthew on and off the Friends set, and Matt isn’t going to sugarcoat the tougher times that he went through with the cast. He’ll also discuss what it was like at the reunion, both good and bad.

Matthew Perry faced a lot of criticism following HBO Max’s highly anticipated Friends: The Reunion, which came out in 2021. Viewers thought the actor appeared lethargic, and he was slurring his speech, causing some to wonder if he was drunk. A producer came to Perry’s defense afterward, saying he thought the actor was okay, and it was later reported that The Odd Couple star had just come from an emergency dental procedure.

Some viewers of Friends: The Reunion were also critical of Matthew Perry’s physical appearance, which likely wasn’t helped by the fact that Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow are pure goddesses 20 years later, and we’re used to seeing Chandler Bing cemented in time on our screens. With the public having such strong opinions regarding his life, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing serves as a chance for Perry to set the record straight, the source said. 

He wants to recount his experiences, both good and bad, to help others and set the record straight over a number of incidents that were either untold until now, taken out of context or in some cases totally twisted the wrong way and needing complete clarification.

So, knowing that Matthew Perry has some things to say about his days on Friends and his relationships with his former co-stars, should the famous Friends cast be worried about any revelations that are going to come out in the memoir? Probably not, as even though the Central Perk gang doesn’t reunite often, the reunion proved that there’s lots of love among all of the castmates. The source explained: 

It’s not going to be salacious or mean, just totally honest. But given the nature of Matt’s life and his experiences, that guarantees this will be an incredibly juicy read!

I, for one, can’t wait to see what Matthew Perry has to say. It sounds like there are going to be some interesting stories, and Friends fans are always happy for any behind-the-scenes stories from the classic show. Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing is due for a November 1.release. Until then, you can stream all 10 seasons of Friends, including Friends: The Reunion with a subscription to HBO Max.

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