Meadow Walker Reunited With Her Fast 'Family' Vin Diesel And Ludacris At Co-Star Jordana Brewster's Wedding

Vin Diesel holding a shotgun and Ludacris looking up with concern in F9, pictured side by side.
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The road to the release of the upcoming movie Fast X has seen many of its stars showing off new and exciting developments on the internet. With production on the penultimate entry into the Fast Saga timeline in full swing, we’re seeing all sorts of cool behind the scenes looks at where Vin Diesel, Ludacris, and the rest of the family are going next. 

There’s still plenty of sweetness outside of those antics, as Diesel and Luda recently reunited with Meadow Walker, the daughter of late co-star Paul Walker. The occassion was the wedding of fellow co-star Jordana Brewster, as seen in the photo  on Instagram. Walker once again made time to celebrate her chosen family on social media, which led to exactly the caption you’d expect when involving the cast of that worldwide mega hit: 

Standing between the casually dressed Vin Diesel and the decked out Ludacris, also known as Chris Bridges, Meadow Walker looks stunning in a dark brown metallic dress. Truly looking like a family, it’s as if Meadow ran into her cool uncles at a family celebration. Which would be fitting, as Paul Walker was considered a spiritual brother to Diesel and most of the Fast cast; and that familial connection naturally extends to Meadow herself. 

Perhaps making all of this celebration even more adorable is the fact that this is very similar to the responses that came out of Meadow Walker’s own wedding late last year. Fast family is as Fast family does, as seen in Jordana Brewster’s sweet post honoring that event in a timely manner. There’s truly no love lost between the members who have continued to remain close in this tight knit sphere of performers. 

Of course, there doesn’t need to be a wedding to get Fast X’s on and off screen family to communicate. Earlier this year Meadow and Ludacris remembered the late Paul Walker, as they commemorated his upcoming star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, set to be unveiled next year. No matter the occasion, if there’s something to cheer about within the Fast Saga family, consider it celebrated properly.

Speaking of massive events, it’s the beginning of the end for Dominic Toretto and family, when Fast X debuts in theaters on May 19, 2023. Which means fans are going to want to reminisce about what’s come to pass previously on the road to Fast Saga revenge. Though getting through that journey isn't going to be easy.

As such, you can start your journey with F9, the most recent entry, as an HBO Max subscriber. However, you'll have to track down the various past films in order throughout both HBO Max and Peacock. Both of those platforms seem to have split the run of past adventures, and you won't want to miss any of the fun. 

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