Mike Myers Recalls The Cool Austin Powers Tribute He Received While Visiting Buckingham Palace

Mike Myers in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
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While the last Austin Powers film dropped 20 years ago, the franchise’s legacy has endured through multiple generations. Mike Myers and co. reprising their roles in a Super Bowl commercial made that abundantly clear. Despite no sign of Austin Powers in years, Myers found some unexpected fans – the British monarch. During a visit to Buckingham Palace in London, the Saturday Night Live alum recalled the cool Austin Powers tribute.

Myers brought up the unexpected event during his interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The Canadian native mentioned he was a huge fan of the late Queen Elizabeth II. As his parents were English, the Austin Powers star got the chance of a lifetime to visit the late British monarch’s primary residence a few years ago. During his visit, he and Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins got the chance to watch the changing of the guard. Everything followed protocol until the guards decided to show some appreciation to him and the spy parody franchise. In his words, Myers said:

I went to Buckingham Palace with Steve Higgins. Not recently, but a couple of years ago, a friend of mine arranged for Steve and I to watch the changing of the guard from inside Buckingham Palace’s gates. We went through a rigorous security [and] background check and all this stuff. Being English – my parents are from Liverpool, England, so it’s a huge deal. And we got let in. and then the band comes out, and they’re playing that, you – Ba-da-da-da-da. You know, all that, and I’m like, ‘Oh, this is so amazing.’ And then they break into the “Austin Powers” theme, and they started playing 'Soul Bossa Nova.'

What a cool homage to Myers and Austin Powers. Given his English roots, it was nice of the guards to acknowledge the film series’ influence. It makes sense, the comedic actor was thrown off by the surprise tribute. As he enjoyed it, the Wayne’s World actor experienced another unexpected occurrence.

I couldn’t believe it. One of the guards walked by holding a flag, and they’re not supposed to talk. He goes, ‘Oh, I bet you’ve heard this song, Mr. Myers.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t talk to me! You’re not allowed to talk! Don’t talk! I’m Canadian, I’m gonna get in trouble!’

Myers was aware enough to know the guard was breaking royal protocol. He didn’t want him or the guardsman to get in trouble for talking. The Shrek star didn’t want his moment to be taken away. But, at least, he got confirmation even royals are watching his work.

Fallon couldn’t let the opportunity pass Myers by to ask about Austin Powers 4. The actor was coy with his answer by hinting he couldn’t confirm nor deny the third sequel. He was even open to a Dr. Evil spinoff. After explaining his time was consumed with raising his children, he reassured his fellow SNL alum, saying he’ll see what he can do. His response was nothing new about the “will-he-or-won’t-he” status of the next Austin Powers sequel.

The Austin Powers franchise was a huge part of pop culture in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery became a pop culture sensation, spawning parodies and imitations on television and film. Not only did the 1997 spy farce take over the culture, it was also a critical and commercial success, raking in $67.7 million worldwide. Its follow-ups, The Spy Who Shagged Me and Austin Powers in Goldmember, kept the momentum, grossing $312 million and $296.7 million, respectively, at the box office.

While fans wait for confirmation of a fourth film, go stream the Austin Powers film series through platforms like Netflix and HBO Max.

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