Check Out Mike Myers, Rob Lowe And More Reprising Austin Powers Characters For Super Bowl Commercial

Mike Myers as Doctor Evil in Austin Powers franchise
(Image credit: New Line Cinema)

Traditionally, the Super Bowl is an event that appeals to more than just football fans. The halftime show is always a topic of conversation. (Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” from 10 years ago even has a Hulu documentary special.) But of course, the event's timeslot also features some creative and funny commercials, and it looks like Super Bowl LVI is throwing it back to pretty much the best James Bond parody in history. This year, you'll see Mike Myers, Rob Lowe, and Mindy Sterling reprise their Austin Powers roles in GM’s 2022 ad. And luckily, there are sneak peeks ahead of the big game!

It seems that during this year's game, GM will continue to promote its EV (electric vehicles) plan, which would see the company go completely electric by 2035. The American car company has now dropped three new sneak peek videos to their YouTube channel, each clip showing a snippet of their upcoming Super Bowl commercial, featuring a different villainous character from the Austin Powers franchise. 

One of the most recognizable of these characters is, of course, Dr. Evil. Mike Myers plays the bald, gray suit-clad mastermind (along with also playing the titular character in the franchise). The villain, of course, has some of the most memorable quotes from the show (“Throw me a frickin’ bone!”). That’s why fans are sure to be invested in this ad after seeing this newly released clip. You can check him and his “iron pinkie” out below:

The only bittersweet part of this is that we can't get a Mini-Me cameo, as actor Verne Troy sadly passed away back in 2018. While fans unfortunately won’t be able to see him take back up the role, they do get to see Rob Lowe and Mindy Sterling nail their reprisals in their respective clips.

Rob Lowe played a younger version of Doctor Evil’s number 2 in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. In the new commercial, he's seen in his maniacal glory, complete with his A+ laugh (second only to Doctor Evil, of course). Mindy Sterling, meanwhile, takes back up her role as the mean Frau, and she forcefully cracks her whip. It’s been a long time since we’ve been met with her crass scream, and I’m here for it.

GM uses the “EV” in “Evil” to play on their new energy endeavor, and the nostalgic throwback makes it work, even if the connection is ever so slight. Even though only a few seconds of each character have been dropped thus far, the promise of seeing them all back together again in an evil scheme, if only for a commercial’s length, makes me super pumped for the Super Bowl. It even softens the blow of my team (the Chicago Bears!) not making it to the championship game.

Super Bowl LVI airs live on NBC at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday, February 13th. You can also watch the biggest football event of the year, right along with GM’s evil Austin Powers reunion and all the other top brands’ commercials, using a Peacock subscription

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