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No Big Deal, Just Twilight’s Kristen Stewart And PLL’s Ashley Benson Hanging Out At Disneyland In Matching Sweatshirts

Kristen Stewart in Happiest Season
(Image credit: Hulu)

There’s something about your breakout role that always sticks with you. Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson can relate to that. The former is in the mix to land an Oscar nomination thanks to her terrific performance in Spencer, and the latter’s career has included a bunch of creatively interesting and challenging roles, but their buzzy, extremely popular roles in Twilight and Pretty Little Liars remain the touchstone for many. 

Perhaps that’s why fans were so excited and had so many questions after Ashley Benson dropped a picture of the two on Instagram late last year. That excitement continued when Benson dropped another picture of the two on Instagram, this time with a group of friends in matching sweatshirts at The Happiest Place On Earth…

It’s no secret that Kristen Stewart has a cool circle of friends, and for those who don’t follow celeb personal lives closely, that circle includes Ashley Benson, who has been quietly seen with the Twilight star for years. Despite their well-documented friendship, many are still catching wind of the power friendship for the first time and hitting up Twitter to excitedly comment. 

The two, in their matching Disney sweatshirts, posing with friends and taking pictures in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle is exactly the kind of carefree energy all of us could use more of in 2022. Benson’s accompanying caption labels the crew they were hanging out with as “family,” which only makes the moment sweeter – especially since they were accompanied by Stewart’s fiance Dylan Meyer. Since the pair are planning their wedding, maybe they’ll consider Disneyland for the venue. While it seems unlikely, their unexpected visit to the park tells us anything is possible. 

The cool thing about Kristen Stewart is she always defies expectations. She takes on roles no one would expect, like a Hulu holiday movie. She’s opened up about what the chaos surrounding Twilight was like, and embraced the fans and movies that changed her life in surprisingly sweet ways. And she strives to be unapologetically herself, regardless of the pressure of fame. Sometimes that means taking a stand for her privacy. Sometimes it means visiting the House of Mouse with some of her best buds, including Benson who can most assuredly related given how intense Pretty Little Liars fans were during that show’s initial run.

It’s also great to see Stewart getting to have some down time. She’s been hard at work for the past few months promoting Spencer, which is one of the buzziest films of this award season. She’s also preparing for her directorial debut, an adaptation of Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water. If the Hollywood legend-in-the-making wants to decompress at Disneyland, she’s earned the right to do so. 

You know who else earned a trip to Disney? Bella Swan. She went through a lot, and since her honeymoon was interrupted by an unexpected and seemingly impossible pregnancy, she never got to enjoy a vacation. In the inevitable Twilight reboot, they should definitely consider an end credits scene with Bella and Edward experiencing Splash Mountain for the first time - it would be the kind of weird, irreverent movie moment that Twilight fans on TikTok still celebrate to this day. Until that happens, we’ll just have to enjoy the glimpse we got of Kristen Stewart having fun there instead.