Of Course, Johnny Depp Being Seen With A Redhead Is Sparking Rumors Of The Camille Vasquez Variety

Whispers surrounding Johnny Depp’s love life have sort of become the latest winds that are turning the rumor mill. Depp was rumored to be dating lawyer Camille Vasquez, but those reports were eventually debunked in proper fashion. As the actor is getting back into making upcoming movies, as well as touring with his musical talents, another potential love connection has been speculated by those who love to talk. 

This new round of talk comes from famed rumor mill TMZ, and even the publication is warning people to break out the salt shakers for this one. Photos of Johnny Depp and an unidentified red-haired woman have come out of his recent appearance at Italy’s Umbria Jazz Festival, sparking new talks surrounding the actor’s love life.

Continuing to tour with musician Jeff Beck throughout Europe, all eyes have been on the former Pirates of the Caribbean lead, if only to see what moves he makes next in his highly publicized life. It’s certainly enough to take more heat off of the already cooling Camille Vasquez rumors, even after she sported an A+ outfit during a recent reunion between Johnny Depp and his legal team

If there’s any truth to this speculation, it may come from whether or not this mystery lady has been, or will be, spotted again on Depp’s current tour. With the report above theorizing that she might be working for Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck's road crew, that's a distinct possibility which could be equally correct or incorrect.

With the recent verdict in the Amber Heard defamation lawsuit seemingly drawing his legal challenges to a close, Johnny Depp looks to be moving on with his life. Music isn’t the only art he’s been practicing lately, as his next film La Favorite will mark his first acting role post-trial. Not to mention, Depp’s art label Never Fear Truth also presents another creative outlet for Johnny to pour himself into. 

All of this activity could make it hard to find a potential companion, romantic or otherwise. That’s not going to stop rumors from flying though, especially when one of the photos of Johnny Depp and this unidentified woman looks like he’s almost pulling his hand out of being clasped with hers. Again, this is all speculation, as while a picture is worth a thousand words, they rarely ever tell the full story. 

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next, keeping our ears and eyes open for further updates. In the meantime, if you’re a Johnny Depp fan who wanted to see his recent film Minimata, but never got the chance, you can currently stream that film if you’re a Hulu subscriber. While we don’t know when La Favorite will be aiming to be released, we do know that its post theatrical streaming home will indeed be on Netflix in France. 

Mike Reyes
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