Robert Downey Jr. Dyed His Hair Blue, And There’s A Photo

Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers: Endgame
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Robert Downey Jr. is a man who dedicates himself well to his acting career and enjoying life in general. He helped start up the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he made his debut as Iron Man in 2008. After Iron Man’s death caused him to leave the MCU three years ago, he still remains prominent in the entertainment industry as well as with his family. So don’t expect him to be blue in the face for no longer playing Iron Man…just his hair. Because Robert Downey Jr. showed off his blue hair in a new photo of himself.

The Iron Man actor is not short on the love he feels for his family as well as his new hair. He posted a video of himself on Twitter giving a thumbs up to his son’s cheerful Malibu Little League team winning the AAA championship. In the caption, Downey Jr. made sure to thank all of his son’s coaches and point out that “the Dodgers brought the heat!”

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He also took a selfie with his wife, Susan, sporting her blue Los Angeles Dodgers cap and Downey Jr. in his blue hair. There’s no better way to show dedication to your son’s sports team than that! The two of them look like the loving and proud parents any child would be lucky to have. 

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This wouldn’t be the first time that Robert Downey Jr. has had fun with his appearance for the kids who look up to him. He’s dressed up before as the Easter Bunny for his charity foundation, Random Act Funding, and as a piñata for his daughter’s birthday party. The Sherlock Holmes actor even dressed up as Tigger to cheer up a little boy with cystic fibrosis. With any costume this Golden Globe winner has worn, he still is a superhero in the eyes of many.

If Robert Downey Jr. is able to don this new blue ‘do, maybe that means he’s taken a break from filming his role in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer or that filming has been close to completion. Don't expect him to slow down any time soon with future projects as he will be the executive producer of two Sherlock Holmes spin-offs that you will eventually be able to see on your HBO Max subscription. You even see him make his return to television in HBO’s espionage cross-culture satire The Sympathizer. This would be his first television role ever since he played Larry Paul in the fourth season of Ally McBeal in 2000. 

Even though there are no plans to resurrect Tony Stark anytime soon, it doesn’t mean that the entertainment world or his family have seen the last of Robert Downey Jr., a superhero in his own right on screen and off. 

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