See Robert Downey Jr. Dressed Up As A Piñata And Being Adorably Attacked For His Daughter’s Birthday Party

Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers: Infinity War
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After leaving the MCU, Robert Downey Jr.‘s next phase has translated into him making moves in and outside of Hollywood. While work has been a priority, Downey Jr. decided to take some time to relax and enjoy his personal life. In taking some personal time away from Hollywood, RDJ decided to give his children some dedicated daddy time. His daughter’s recent birthday was a perfect example of his shifting priorities. In celebrating the special day, the Doolittle star decided to become a human piñata.

The Hollywood star has been enjoying his off-screen life since leaving the MCU. Robert Downey Jr. took to Instagram to share how he and his family brought in his daughter Avri’s seventh birthday. Instead of being the usual parent watching the kids have all the fun, Downey Jr. got in a piñata suit and let the chaos commence. Check out how adorably bad his daughter and her friends beat the life-sized piñata in the actor’s post below:

Robert Downey Jr. clearly took one for the team on this one. Having a bunch of pint-sized humans pummeling you with sticks would be a nightmare for someone else. But Downey seemed to enjoy the moment. He loved being part of the fun despite the tremendously adorable violence. You almost feel sorry for him as the children beat him to the ground. Unlike some parents, RDJ wanted to participate in his daughter’s birthday party uniquely.

At most children’s parties, the adults would hang back, eat some party food and have adult conversations. There might be alcoholic drinks involved. They would rarely ever take part in any children’s activities. Especially, given his Hollywood status, Robert Downey Jr. could’ve paid or volunteered someone to be a life-sized
piñata. But his daughter’s happiness was more important than chilling back and eating some cake.

Making sure everyone feels the love was nothing new for the Oscar nominee. Robert Downey Jr. made headlines after penning a touching thank you letter to his MCU family. After completing Avengers: Endgame, he expressed his appreciation and love for his MCU co-stars – past and present. Given how much praise he’s heaped on his co-stars, the letter wasn’t a huge surprise. And the feeling seemed to be mutual.

All this love seemed to translate to his already busy schedule as Robert Downey Jr. reportedly joined Christopher Nolan’s next project Oppenheimer. The film filled another spot on his full calendar as he continues to grow his brand, including television projects and environmental efforts. But family seemed to be the main priority for him. Hopefully, being a piñata will become a cherished memory his daughter will remember years from now, much like he did after his father's passing.

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