Ryan Gosling Gets Asked About A Random Fact He’s Learned From Movies, And He Can Thank Frozen For His Answer

Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie
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Disney’s Frozen did a great job teaching audiences about the reality of true love not just from a romantic perspective, but the powerful love two sisters can have for each other. Do you know what else Frozen taught us? Ryan Gosling revealed a random fact that he learned from watching the beloved Disney classic that will make you feel just a little bit smarter today

Movies can be a great way to learn accurate facts if the line is very quotable. In a video Netflix Film posted on Instagram, Ryan Gosling with his platinum blonde Ken hair was asked what random fact he learned from a movie, and he has Frozen to thank for this knowledge. As he said:

Turtles breathe from their butt. It’s from Frozen. Take it up with Frozen. I mean, are you calling Frozen a liar? I’m not. The snowman’s always saying these 'facts' so I guess I believed it. I believed him.

Frozen is most certainly not a liar and included a legitimate fact. If you need proof for verification, McGill’s article actually calls this act “cloacal respiration.” These cold-blooded reptiles’ temperature drops when the weather drops. As their metabolism slows down during the hibernation period, their oxygen needs are low, at least until spring as they get their oxygen from the water that runs over them. But if times get really tough, they really can get their source of oxygen through their butt! However, time is limited using this method because of the buildup of lactic acid. Frogs, salamanders and sea snakes use this method as well. You can watch Gosling's response for yourself down below:

There are a number of movies full of interesting facts you can learn. For example, Jonathan Lipnicki’s famous quote from Jerry Maguire taught me that the human head weighs eight pounds. Finding Nemo showed audiences that large turtles like Crush can live for over 100 years. Even with all of the iconic slang that came from Clueless, I learned that the word “sporadically” means “once in a while.” This shows that you really can learn a lot from the movies if you pay close enough attention.

In case The Notebook actor's look in Netflix’s video didn't give it away, Ryan Gosling joined the cast of Barbie as her main squeeze, Ken. His new hair and those chiseled abs did a great job breaking the internet with a number of hilarious memes to follow. We've also learned from the Canadian actor that Ken is expected to be homeless, unemployed and without a car. Maybe audiences will leave the Barbie movie learning something new about Mattel’s popular doll. 

While you wait for the Barbie movie to come to theaters on July 21st of next year, you can see him on the run in The Gray Man on your Netflix subscription on July 22nd. Here’s a fun fact to keep in mind while watching that movie: it’s the most expensive film Netflix has made. 

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