Ryan Grantham Pleads Guilty To Killing His Mother, While Also Revealing His Plans To Kill Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Child actors are known for having difficulties, where the pressures of stardom and being in the public eye manifest in issues into adulthood. But the story surrounding Diary of A Wimpy Kid actor Ryan Grantham is shockingly dark, as 24 year-old recently plead guilty to murdering his mother Barbara Anne Waite. And in court it was revealed that the young actor also planned to kill Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  

The situation is ongoing, but here’s where things currently stand. Ryan Grantham’s appearance in court and pleading guilty to the second degree murder of his mother has also revealed more evidence about his dark plans. Per a report by People, this includes excerpts from his personal journal, which revealed his plans for killing Justin Trudeau. Luckily he never actually followed through, and instead turned himself into the police.

Ryan Grantham reportedly killed his mother on March 31st 2020, before planning more violence incidents. According to a report by Complex, the actor loaded up his car with multiple firearms, molotov cocktails, camping supplies, and a map to Rideau Cottage where Justin Trudeau lives with his family. Thankfully Grantham never actually attempted to harm the Prime Minister or his loved ones.

With Ryan Grantham pleading guilty to killing his mother, he’s expected to get a life sentence from the courts of our neighbors in the north. Criminal Code reportedly mandates that the minimum period of parole ineligibility for second degree murder is 10 years. As such, he might be in jail for the foreseeable future. It’s currently unclear if/how his plans for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might factor into sentencing.

This is another sobering twist to an already tragic story. The prosecutor in Ryan Gratham’s case also produced evidence that the actor was going through an intense depressive episode leading up to killing his mother. He was reportedly feeling urges to hurt himself and others at around this time. In the end he would kill his mother, while also recording video afterward confessing to the incident.

This is a truly unsettling story for anyone, but will likely turn more heads given Ryan Grantham’s work as an actor. His work included both TV and film, notably the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie adaptation. Grantham’s most recent credit is a 2019 episode of Riverdale

Of course, some folks out there might be wondering how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might have reacted to this shocking news– especially since Ryan Grantham had a clear plan to find and harm the Canadian leader. Thus far Trudeau’s team and social media accounts haven’t responded to the reports, although they’re certainly circulating around the internet. Thankfully Grantham turned himself in before actually attempting to harm the Prime Minister and/or his loved ones.

Corey Chichizola
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