Ryan Reynolds Shares Special Birthday Message For Will Ferrell, And Step Brothers Fans Are Gonna Love It

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell
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This weekend, a beloved celebrity celebrated a birthday, and it was none other than Will Ferrell. The comedy veteran turned 55 on Saturday, and his special day was met with a number of warm and humorous tributes from fans across social media. Of course, a few of his celebrity friends also hit the web to wish him well, including his Spirited co-star, Ryan Reynolds. The always-witty Reynolds had a particularly special message, and Step Brothers fans are going to love it. 

Ryan Reynolds shared his birthday tribute via a TikTok video, which features the music for “Por Ti Volaré.” Step Brothers fans are sure to know that Andrea Bocelli’s classic tune played a pivotal role in the 2008 comedy. The video gives the impression that Ryan Reynolds is going to belt out a rendition of the song himself. However, the actor never says a word, as he seems to be unsure of when he should jump in. Check out the A+ b-day greeting down below: 


♬ Por Ti Volaré - Josafat Espinosa

Leave it to the Deadpool star to find the perfect way to pay tribute to his friend and co-star. To be honest, I would’ve loved to have heard the star give his own interpretation of the Italian song. But then again, we’d be missing out on the sheer awkwardness that’s present in the clip as is. And let’s be honest, aside from Andrea Bocelli himself, can anyone really top the Saturday Night Live veteran’s rendition from Adam McKay’s film?

In Step Brothers, Will Ferrell’s Brennan performs a Spanish-translated version “Por Ti Volaré” during an event that takes place near the end of the film. The character is encouraged to do so after the lead singer of the cover band that was hired loses his temper and is kicked out. Accompanied by John C. Reilly’s Dale on drums, Brennan absolutely nails the song, so much so that his antagonistic brother, Derek (Adam Scott), is moved and reconciles with him. Seeing as the track is so important in the fan-favorite movie, I’d say it’s perfect for use in a birthday wish. 

Ryan Reynolds has an interesting history when it comes to sending birthday messages to his fellow celebrities, as they can vary in tone. Reynolds was a bit more sentimental when he, Mark Ruffalo and more wished Chris Hemsworth a happy birthday last year. But on the other hand, he absolutely dunked on frenemy Hugh Jackman on his b-day last fall. Then again, I guess we should’ve expected as much from the latter, given the playful nature of Jackman and Reynolds’ relationship. 

This most recent message has me curious as to what Ryan Reynolds’ on and off-screen dynamic with Will Ferrell will be like when they star alongside each other and do press for Spirited. The movie, which will be available to stream with an Apple TV+ subscription, is set to be a modern take on A Christmas Carol. After Reynolds wrapped (ahead of his break from acting), he shared a first look at his and Ferrell’s holiday flick. With two comedy powerhouses in its cast, the film is sure to deliver some quality laughs.

While I wait for the movie to drop later this year, I’m honestly going to watch this hilarious birthday video a few more times, before inevitably just throwing Step Brothers on. You can do the same by streaming it with a Hulu subscription.

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