Ryan Reynolds Shares First Look At The Christmas Movie He’s Making With Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds on SNL screenshots
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Will Ferrell may have turned down making an Elf sequel, but that doesn’t mean he’s not all about the holiday spirit. He has joined fellow funny man Ryan Reynolds in making Spirited, a holiday comedy coming next Christmas season. They have wrapped on the film, and Reynolds has now shared a clever little first look of the film, and even throws in a Deadpool reference among the intense Ferrell worship.

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell chummed it up pretty good while working on Spirited, and it looks like Ferrell made quite the impression on Reynolds. In his first look video on Instagram, we get a look at not only a blurry photo of Reynolds, some behind the scenes photos, and stills of the future film, but also some major Ferrell worship on Reynold’s Macbook background. You can check out the video in his post below:

So there’s a lot to unpack here, the most obvious being the massive photo of Will Ferrell looking fly as hell set as Ryan Reynolds’ laptop background. If you look more closely in the top left-hand screen, though, you’ll see that Reynold’s New Year's Resolutions all have to do with Ferrell, the list being titled “Things I Want To Do With Will in 2022.” 

While there are some random funny things like “Put Will in my will” on the list, there’s also a shoutout to their Spirited co-star Octavia Spencer with, “Get Octavia’s real address.” I can’t help but think that some of the items are little teasers about what to expect in their film, too. At least, I’m really hoping that a “Barbershop Duet” is featured in the film.

Another aspect of the photo compilation video that people are noticing is the text screenshot between Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, which seems to be just Ferrell sending money requests to Reynolds for different things. The requests include $2.75 for a TikTok appearance, which is most definitely in reference to when Ferrell joined Reynolds in a killer duet for a TikTok trend.

Fans seem to be loving Ryan Reynolds’ Spirited update, and they’re catching on to all his clever little tidbits in the post. One subtle reference has been picked up by some commenters, as they draw attention to the video titled “Deadpool 3” under the Projects folder. Fans have been waiting for some time for Deadpool 3 to start filming, and apparently there is a decent chance for the heavily anticipated film to start shooting next year. While there’s still a somewhat lengthy wait ahead for the film, especially since Reynolds has declared an acting break, just seeing the name under “Projects” has commenters excited. 

Spirited won’t release for a little under a year, just in time for next year’s holiday season. I honestly can’t think of a better pair to deliver a tongue-in-cheek holiday film and I, along with other fans of the funny actors, am excited to see the product of such a pairing. CinemaBlend will keep you updated with any of Spirited’s developments!

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