Salon Owner Claps Back At Accusations He Supplied Anne Heche With Drugs

Anne Heche in All Rise
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On August 11th, actress Anne Heche passed away at the age of 53 from smoke inhalation and severe burns after crashing her car into a house. However, toxicology reports stated that while there was no alcohol in her system, there were traces of cocaine and fentanyl. Before her death, one of the last people she may have seen was a salon owner who denies ever supplying the late actress with drugs.

Richard Glass, the owner of Glass Hair Design salon in Venice, California, has been accused by social media users of supplying Anne Heche with drugs before her death. In a video from TMZ, Glass emotionally spoke about how overwhelming it’s been for him to be attacked on social media. 

There are people that are nice, and then there are people who are just evil. Making accusations that I had something to do with what her toxicology report said. It’s just a lot.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Heche was at Richard Glass’ salon that morning which was two miles away from the crash site. He said that she didn’t appear intoxicated when she saw him and was looking to buy a bright blue wig. When he told her he didn’t have one available for her, she decided to buy a red one instead. It didn’t matter to her that the red wig wasn’t cut, styled, or washed; she bought it from him anyways. Social media users clearly made illogical assumptions that this salon owner’s interaction with Heche involved drugs when all she bought from him was a red wig. He told TMZ that he’s never even touched drugs. 

They’re saying she could have gotten the cocaine or the fentanyl from me because I was the last person to see her. I’ve never done any type of drugs, I don’t do that. I’m not that person.

While Glass may not have recognized the Donnie Brasco star at first, it became more clear to him as soon as he rang her up. He couldn’t help but post selfies of their encounter on Instagram where his caption said, “So I met @anneheche today and she purchased a #redwig so random.. I love #venicebeach #actress #director #mom #celebrity #lifestyle.” He also told The Times that his encounter with the I Know What You Did Last Summer actress was “very pleasant” but also “so strange” as she grabbed his face and asked if he had done her hair before. While he told her he hadn’t, he still offered to work with her in the future. Even though Glass denied ever supplying drugs to the Ohio native, he still felt guilty about being one of the last people to ever see her and wondered if he could have done something to help her while she was at his salon.

It’s been really taxing. I just feel huge remorse. I feel like I could have done something more. Like the universe sent her here for me to impact some kind of way. And I just feel like I didn’t do everything I was supposed to do to keep her here.

It’s a real tragedy to ponder what-if scenarios over a situation you had no control over. Not only has Richard Glass been mourning Anne Heche, but a number of other people who cared about the late actress. Her ex-husband and son paid tribute to her expressing their sadness and how much they’ll miss her. On a bittersweet note, an organ recipient has been matched for the Daytime Emmy Winner to be able to donate her organs

TMZ says that Richard Glass believes he’ll need therapy in order to heal from this. Our hearts at CinemaBlend go out to the family and friends of Anne Heche who also need healing from this tragic loss. You can watch classic films of hers like Donnie Brasco and Catfight on your Netflix subscription

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