Scream VI Directors Respond To Rumors About The Seventh Movie

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It's a great time to be a horror fan. With the genre currently experiencing a thrilling renaissance, some of the best horror movies have returned to theaters. Case in point: the Scream franchise, which has produced two new sequels in quick succession. And Scream VI's directors have respond to rumors about the seventh movie. Are we getting a new trilogy of movies that quickly?

The 2022 Scream movie was helmed by the team at Radio Silence, and was a massive box office success. Paramount quickly ordered another sequel from directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. It looks like Scream VI will make even more money when it hits theaters, so will they develop their own threequel? The team was recently asked by Deadline about this possibility, with Bettinelli-Olpin saying:

We hope. We want to be watching Scream movies whether we're involved or not for the rest of our lives.

There you have it. While they didn't confirm the rumor that Scream 7 was already in development, it looks like the filmmakers behind the last two movies want to see the franchise continue on. Whether or not they're behind the camera when this happens remains to be seen, but as fans of the franchise they want to see more of Ghostface regardless. Talk about classy.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin's comments to Deadline came from the red carpet of Scream VI, which appropriately had its big premiere in New York City. With the initial response overwhelmingly positive and the box office predictions looking good, it seems like the franchise is about to welcome another success. And as such, it wouldn't be surprising if Paramount quickly green lit yet another movie from the Radio Silence crew. Although they don't seem to think its necessarily a sure thing.

The pressure was on for the folks Radio Silence to deliver with 2022's Scream, as it was the first entry of the franchise since the death of the legendary Wes Craven. But they did just that, with a new sequel that touched down on the current state of the genre, while also honoring Craven's legacy. And it's seemingly for this reason that the box office predictions for Scream VI are even higher; audiences know that they're in good hands. 

Given their experience with the franchise, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are seemingly swinging harder with Scream VI. Moving the story from Woodsboro to New York City made for some thrilling new chase sequences, which we saw in the trailers. Ghostface has also been teased as especially brutal this time around, which should please horror fans when they see it in theaters. 

While moviegoers have faith in the team behind Scream VI, there are still some nerves involved in the upcoming slasher. Namely because it marks the first installment of the franchise without Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott. But if the seventh movie is greenlit, could they negotiate a new deal with her? Fingers crossed. 

Scream VI hits theaters on March 10th. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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