See Halle Berry Fall Flat On Her Face On Stage, Then Humorously Call Herself Out Over It

Halle Berry is nothing if not a good sport. When the actress was nominated and then won a Razzie Award (a parody award show honoring the worst of cinematic underachievements) for her performance in the critically lambasted 2004 Catwoman movie, she showed up in person to accept the honor (and Berry has also called out the film's haters). So when the Oscar Winner fell flat on her face during an on-stage appearance, what did she do? She humorously called herself out over it, of course, and there's video for you to see.

The star who played X-Men's Storm (which is a role Halle Berry fought with the director over) was recently invited to speak at a charity event celebrating the non-profit, Looking Beyond. As the star bounds toward the stage and takes on the first steps, she seemingly trips on her shoes and falls face first. The actress posted a hilarious video to her Instagram, which you can see below, highlighting the accident with a record scratch, a freeze frame, shown from various angles and accompanied by the “yep, that’s me” meme. After the fall, Berry takes the podium, joking that she better not see videos of the trip up on the Internet, which she, of course, beat everyone to the punch on with her on brand post. It’s honestly the most Halle Berryiest of responses:

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Now, that is a heck of a way to address an embarrassing moment. Of course, many celebs and fans took to the comments of the Moonfall star’s post showing their support. Famous poet and New York Times Best Selling Author R.H.Sin joked that the actress at fault but that the floor was. He wrote:

You didn’t fall. The floor was just getting up. Glad you’re okay!

Talk about a positive spin on a humiliating situation. Chicago-born fashion stylist Lindsay Flores praised the actress for her resilience and ability to bounce back. She commented:

When this magical woman FALLS…. She gets RIGHT THE FUCK BACK UP!!!!!!!! ❤️🔥❤️🔥🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️❤️🔥❤️

Even the mayor of Beverly Hills, Lili Bosse, got in on the action and expressed support for the movie star. The politician had this to say:

Your fall and getting up with so much grace, humility, and even laughing with yourself all the while doing good for others. You are what pure goodness is what we need in this world 💗

I agree with the mayor. The fan-favorite star's ability to laugh off an embarrassing moment and her commitment to the charity at hand are commendable. 

A fan and Instagram user couldn’t pass up the opportunity to refer to Halle Berry’s time in superhero movies. Referring to Catwoman, the user humorously wrote:

You are Catwoman. You have 9 lives! ❤

Corny cat jokes aside, I'm happy the Cloud Atlas actress wasn’t seriously hurt and can laugh off the moment and continue to bring awareness to a good cause. 

Looking Beyond, the organization Halle Berry was in attendance to show support for, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness and enriching the lives of children and young adults with special needs. They support various organizations, programs and services through events and fundraising opportunities. It's worthy cause the actress was trying to bring awareness to and, who knows, the little faux pas might very well bring some more eyes to the organization’s mission.

When Halle Berry isn’t attending charity events, she still keeps busy acting in high-profile productions. She has a few big projects on the 2023 new movie release schedule, including an upcoming horror movie from Crawl filmmaker Alexandre Aj titled Mother Land. Until the Bruised star graces the silver screen once more, fans may be interested in Cinemablend’s list of the best movies from Berry and how to watch them. 

Ryan LaBee

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