Halle Berry Calls Out The Catwoman Haters, Shares How Fans Feel About The Movie Years Later

 Halle Berry in Catwoman suit in 2004 movie
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While comic book movies are enjoying unprecedented success today, and it seems they can do no wrong, that was not always the case. There was a time when comic book movies weren't all that great, but it’s possible none is viewed as being quite as bad as Halle Berry’s Catwoman. For her part, Halle Berry is officially done with the Catwoman hate, and it seems like a lot of other people are too.

Halle Berry recently did a video for Vogue where she looked back at several of her most iconic looks, and say what you will about Catwoman as a movie, but there’s really no argument, that was one hell of a look. Halle Berry doesn’t really talk about the quality of the movie itself, just how much she enjoyed making it, and while the movie was not received well at the time, Berry says that now people do come up to her and tell her they love the film, and so she’s happy to ignore the hate, Berry explains... 

And now, so many people come up to me telling me that they loved the movie. Forget the haters, whoever you are, who cares? Saweetie just did it, paying homage to me and Catwoman and she made a beautiful one. I just love seeing all the other women try on this costume and bring their inner Catwoman out. I love it.

Hating on Catwoman has been a fairly easy thing to do. If you need an  example of a bad comic book movie, while there are plenty, Catwoman is the one that most everybody is familiar with. Halle Berry even embraced the badness of it back in the day, showing up at the Razzie Awards in person to accept her win for Worst Actress in the film. 

But many bad movies achieve something of a cult movie status over the years and it seems that something like that has happened with Catwoman. The fact that the movie was a comic book story starring a woman of color made the movie worthy of note at the time, and it’s clear that some are willing to celebrate that, regardless of any other perceived issues with the film.  

How Saweetie Celebrated Halle Berry’s Catwoman 

And there certainly does seem to be something of a Catwoman renaissance going on. As Halle Berry says in above, rapper Saweetie paid tribute to Catwoman with her own screen accurate costume for Halloween, and even Halle Berry was involved.  

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Whether or not Catwoman is truly as terrible a movie as gets credit for, is a matter of opinion. But even if the film is technically “bad” that doesn’t mean there aren’t elements worthy of respect and even admiration. The fact that we still talk about the movie at all means it made an impact, and that’s something worthy of note.  

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