See The Adorable Ending Credits Scene Disney’s Encanto Nearly Included

Mirabel in Encanto
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When it comes to Disney's animated films, end credits scenes are a rarity, especially when compared to their sister productions at Marvel Studios. Once the screen fades to black and the credits start to roll, a movie is pretty much over. But the global hit Encanto almost marked a change of pace, as there was actually meant to be a closing credits scene. Though it was cut from the final film, the House of Mouse has now decided to release the adorable scene for the fans to see.

Given how successful the animated film has been on streaming and the music charts, it’s no surprise that the team behind Encanto wanted to reward viewers with a special treat. The unseen ending scene came courtesy of the film’s co-director Jared Bush. He posted the animated sequence on Twitter and included a special message for the musical’s devote fanbase:

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Seeing Casita pour water on Antonio’s quiet capybara Chispi would’ve been great, and it's a light way to end the film. But as Bush pointed out, the funny scene would’ve lessened the emotional impact of the finale. Surely it likely would've undercut Mirabel’s heartfelt and well-deserved final moment. With that said, the real credit goes to veteran Disney animator Darrin Butters for animating the adorable and hilarious moment. Seeing this now is a little bittersweet, but it's great that the studio animated the scene and gifted it to the fans.

This new footage is sure to add to the hype that continues to surround Disney's latest animated feature. Encanto has proved to be the little movie that could, as its Disney+ release arguably turned the musical into a worldwide phenomenon. While the film received critical acclaim and reached number one over Thanksgiving weekend, it only managed to earn $234 million at the box office, on a $150 million budget.

During its bounce-back, one aspect of the movie that's really helped to push it over the top is its music. The addictive soundtrack hit a major milestone by becoming the first soundtrack since Frozen II to hit number one on the Billboard 200. The signature song “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Funny enough, while everyone else is humming and singing the song, including songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda, it appears his son is over the tune, as he's been hearing it since May 2021.

It appears the Encanto train won't letting up anytime soon. As a matter of fact, all of this fanfare has led to the Disney movie becoming an awards season darling. With this, it joins the likes of Netflix comedy The Mitchells vs. The Machines and Japanese fantasy Belle, which are both big competitors this year. It'll be interesting to see what other honors the movie is able to snag in the coming weeks. Now, let me go watch the movie again and pair it with this new ending scene.

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