See The Sweet Moment Octavia Spencer And Allison Janney Shared As The Hidden Figures Star Celebrated Landing A Hollywood Star

Octavia Spencer sitting with her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is like a rite of passage if you’re in the entertainment industry. Essentially, it solidifies that you've hit it big time and are among the best of the best to ever grace either the big or small screens. Octavia Spencer is one of the latest stars to receive the honor, and some of her friends, including Allison Janney, were there to celebrate the occasion. And during the event, Spencer shared a sweet moment with Janney.

On December 8, Octavia Spencer received the 2,742nd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and on hand to speak at the ceremony was the humorous and fashion savvy Allison Janney. The two stars have worked on a few films together over the years, and they now seem to be as close as ever. That was evident from a photoshoot the actresses did for PEOPLE’s The Beautiful Issue earlier this year. Though at Spencer's ceremony, the two shared a truly sentimental moment, when they embraced while Janney was at the podium. Check it out for yourself:

Allison Janney and Octavia Spencer hugging

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That's a Kodak moment if I've ever seen one. The occasional co-stars have appeared together in Chicken Party, Pretty Ugly People, and the Oscar-winning film The Help, which featured Viola Davis and other A-listers. One can't help but get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that the stars have remained so close over the years. It's truly fitting that the Mom alum would speak at the star ceremony, and it exempiflies just how much she respects her good buddy. 

Amid Allison Janney’s many projects and Octavia Spencer’s performances, the two have yet to star in another movie together. One would hope that the two might team up once more for either a film or TV production. Given their closeness, I can't see the two not reuniting for something else down the line. And maybe it can include another certain actor that Spencer has become friends with.

The West Wing icon wasn’t the only one who spoke at the ceremony. Will Ferrell also said some nice words about his co-star from the well-reviewed Spirited. According to The L.A. Times, he also shut down a heckler at the event while he was speaking, making sure that no one would ruined his colleague's day. The trio of actors later took a sweet photo together, and you can check it out:

Will Ferrell, Octavia Spencer and Allison Janney at Spencer's Walk of Fame event

(Image credit: Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Seriously, can you even imagine having friends like these, because I surely can't. It's clear that Octavia Spencer received all the love during her big day and, heckler aside, things seem to have gone very well. Here's to continued success for the Oscar-winning performer. Also, let's hope that Spencer, Allison Janney and Will Ferrell do  get together for some kind of projecct in the future.

Right now, if you want to see a flick with two of those three stars, be sure to watch the holiday movie Spirited using an Apple TV+ subscription.

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