Something From Tiffany's: 11 Thoughts I Had Watching The Amazon Prime Romance

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I suppose if there were ever a time for romantic shenanigans to occur on film for our mass enjoyment, it would be during the holiday season. With the number of romance-based films on the 2022 Christmas movie schedule, you can certainly tell that rom-coms and other movies that focus on lovey dovey themes are extremely popular at this time of the year. If you need a break from all of those Hallmark Christmas movies you’ve been prioritizing, though, we’ve now been presented with another, in the form of Amazon Prime’s Something From Tiffany’s.

The movie, which is based on the 2011 book by Melissa Hill, finds two couples embroiled in a comedic mix up after a trip to Tiffany & Co. lands each holiday-shopping boyfriend in those couples with the other’s gift in a pretty blue box. I do quite enjoy indulging in some of the best romantic comedies, and eagerly watched the film once it was released this weekend. And, you can bet I had some thoughts about what transpired.

the saleswoman in something from tiffany's

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Tiffany’s Is Expensive. Is It Ever Really This Crowded?

Look, I get it. Not only are Ethan and Gary in Tiffany’s shortly before Christmas during the rush of holiday shopping season, but there are probably a lot of tourists at that time of the year who would like to visit the famed store just to say that they have. But, still. There seem to be a lot of people in Tiffany’s considering how expensive everything in the store is. Of course, this is coming from someone who’s never been in a really expensive jewelry store, let alone inside a Tiffany’s, so what do I know?

zoey deutch in something from tiffany's

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I’m Not Sure About This Super Dark Hair Color

I have hardly seen every Zoey Deutch movie, but I can tell you that I’m not sure this super dark hair color is for her. And, yes, this might actually be her returning to her natural hue, but maybe she should at least add some highlights next time. It’s not totally unattractive on her, but combined with the super dark red lip her Rachel always sports, the look is damn near vampiric. She better hope she doesn’t run into Buffy.

gary proposes to rachel in something from tiffany's

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How DARE He!

Goddammit, Gary! Well, he did it. Instead of coming clean and admitting he wasn’t attempting to marry Rachel, he just faked his way through a proposal, knowing he really got that girl a pair of earrings. What kind of monster tells that kind of life-altering lie, and then falls asleep on the couch before his new fiancée even has a chance to take pics of the ring on her finger? Also? Rachel didn’t seem that into the idea of getting married to Gary, so why in the hell did she even say yes?!

the stars of something from tiffany's

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Kendrick Sampson And Zoey Deutch Certainly Do Have Chemistry

Boy, I can absolutely see why Deutch and Kendrick Sampson are our leads in Something From Tiffany’s. While I don’t get strong sexy/sexual tension vibes from them off the bat I do get a warm and fuzzy friendship feeling, meaning that it’s easy to understand how they seem to hit if off so quickly, and how that eventually leads to romantic movie chemistry.

gary pretends he's not stealing a ring in something from tiffany's

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Gary Might Be A Psychopath

OK. Here it is. This is how Gary managed to propose to Rachel when he had zero intention of doing so. He’s not a decent human, and might be some kind of psychopath. When Ethan goes to him to finally ask for an exchange of the engagement ring and the earrings Gary actually bought, ol’ Gar dares to pretend he knows not of what Ethan speaks, and a very real chill ran down my spine at how creepy Gary got! This is when there is a clear record at Tiffany’s of what each of the men got from the store and everyone knowing that Ethan stopped to help Gary when he “got himself” hit by that cab.

rachel acting like her hair isn't getting all over that bread in something from tiffany's

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I Do Not Believe That Rachel Knows Proper Food Handling Measures

This is my worst nightmare. Rachel really doesn’t show that she understands how to handle food, for someone who runs a bakery/restaurant. Not only is she shown using regular ass gloves (which are likely filthy) to load bread into her delivery van, but she also holds those loaves so close to her lint-filled clothing that her long, swishy hair touches a loaf or two. Plus! When Ethan and Daisy offer to help her serve or make bread, she lets them do so without washing their hands first! Has the pandemic taught us nothing?!?!

the engagement ring fell out of the bread in something from tiffany's

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What A Complete, Dumbass Way To Return A VERY Expensive Ring To Someone

I’m sorry. What is this mess? Rachel called Ethan over to give him back the ring…and instead secretly baked it into a loaf of bread that she gave him? What if someone had accidentally eaten the ring, Rachel? Or, possibly worse, what if good guy Ethan had given the loaf to a homeless person who asked for food, or even simply tossed the bread away or just forgotten the thing on the subway? Expensive ring…GONE. Forever!

zoey deutch in something from tiffany's

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Just so we’re clear, obviously, the original earring/ring switcheroo was just a mistake. However, as soon as our psychopath friend decided to use it to propose to Rachel and also pretend that there was no mix up with Ethan’s present for Vanessa, he stole that ring by attempting to keep it as though he’d paid for it! I’m starting to wish former rom-com queen Kate Hudson had made this movie. 

shay mitchell in something from tiffany's

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Why Is Vanessa So Upset And Why Doesn’t Ethan Use The Easiest Reasoning To Explain Himself?!

Why in the world is Vanessa so hung up on the fact that it wasn’t Ethan’s idea to put the ring in the bread? How did she completely miss the whole story about the ring/earring debacle and the fact that he had planned to propose on Christmas Day?! Also, why didn’t Ethan give her the easiest explanation for why he didn’t reveal the mistake, which is that he didn’t want to ruin the surprise of the impending proposal?

daisy in something from tiffany's

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In No World Is A Black Child Telling Their Parent To “Get Your Ass Up” For Any Reason

Full stop. This pretty much speaks for itself.

rachel and ethan kiss in something from tiffany's

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It’s Weird For People To Kiss Passionately In Front Of Children

Alright, I’m willing to preface this by admitting that I’m not a fan of PDA. Go ahead and hold hands or give each other a peck on the lips; other than that, like…get a room, folks. So, for me, what Rachel and Ethan do at the end of the movie is beyond the pale, by kissing so thoroughly in front of Daisy. And, if this constitutes a “peck” for you, let’s please consider how Rachel grabbed onto the lapels of his coat like she was ready to undress the man right there in broad daylight with a youth watching (as seen in the picture above). No thank you, lovers.

Hopefully, I’m not the only one who had some intriguing thoughts on these topics while watching Something From Tiffany’s, but if you need to revisit the movie to see what got me so worked up, you can do so with your Amazon Prime subscription.

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