Steve-O Writes And Deletes Emotional Response To Bam Margera’s Instagram Regarding His Sobriety: ‘You’re, Dying, Brother’

As carefree and reckless as the Jackass crew has been with their art, the members of the group seem to feel the most pain from a very personal rift with Bam Margera. As the ongoing drama between Bam and his former Jackass co-stars continues, a new post of his on social media prompted Steve-O to comment on his sobriety. The message, which was then deleted, could be summed up with one phrase: “You’re dying, brother.” 

Bam Margera in an interview on Dr. Phil.

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The Bam Margera Social Media Post That Inspired Steve-O’s Response

Steve-O’s response came after Bam Margera made a post on Instagram, once more showing the cracks in his relationship with some of his Jackass crew. Sharing an older photo of himself along with Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O, Margera shared a message that acknowledged one friend in his corner while labeling the other a “poser.”

Bam Margera’s sobriety has been an ongoing concern that came to much media attention when he was fired from Jackass Forever. Various legal proceedings, along with some signs of improvement, have made headlines in the wake of those initial reports; with Margera blaming the Jackass franchise for his addictions. That recovery journey was what inspired Steve-O to bring Bam Margera on tour with him, as the two have been working on opening material together.

Working together again looked to be a sweet reunion of friends. Other photos of Bam and Steve on their "Best Behavior Tour" show them as recently as a week ago, smiling in front of a packed theater of onlookers. Bam Margera’s incendiary post above still sees him credit Steve-O as someone who has his back, despite further dwelling on the deteriorating Jackass situation. Sadly, this tour looks to have proven that Margera’s sobriety efforts have seemingly hit a major snag.

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How Steve-O Responded To Bam Margera's Message

Originally, Steve-O responded to Bam Margera’s post with his own Instagram message. While he eventually removed that message from his account, a Twitter feed posted the contents of that message as follows: 

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Claiming that Bam Margera has gone back on his sobriety efforts, Steve-O’s comment doesn’t read as a judgment or admonishment. It’s an emotional plea for his friend to get better for himself, as well as his son, who is also present for the tour that the two Jackass veterans are currently embarking on. 

It hasn’t been an easy road for Margera, especially after being declared dead while fighting COVID. While the “Best Behavior” tour looked to get off to a promising start, this latest bump in the road proves to be another obstacle in Bam Margera and his sobriety journey. 

Fans and friends alike will undoubtedly wish him the best, and hope for Bam to get the help he needs to straighten out. But obviously, it’s people like Steve-O that are pulling for him the hardest, after so many years in the trenches together.

While it's a mostly Bam-free affair, save for one stunt Jackass Forever stunt that still saw Margera's participation, you can see the latest prank-filled adventure with a Paramount+ subscription

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