Sylvester Stallone Masterfully Broke Down A Theoretical Fight Between Rocky Balboa And Rambo (And Now I Want To See It)

Rocky Balboa and Rambo
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To have more than one franchise attached to your name is one thing, having two iconic characters emerge from each franchise builds a legacy. Sylvester Stallone is one of the few stars that fit in this dynamic. Stallone has both Rocky Balboa and Rambo which are synonymous with his name. Both characters have endured as seen in the numerous sequels starring the boxer and the military vet, respectively. But there’s one question that diehard fans have been wanting to know for years… who would win in a fight? It seems like the action star has the answer to this tricky question.

The Hollywood star’s theory appeared to be sparked by a fan poster touting a made-up boxing match featuring the two characters. Stallone took to his Instagram to give his take on the theoretical fight between the legacy characters. Sylvester Stallone broke down how Rocky and Rambo could get an advantage over the other depending on the conditions.

If the fighters wore to remain upright Rocky would prevail. His body punches and Right Hooks Would eventually beat Rambo… If the fight goes to the ground, Rambo will prevail In a bloody brutal fight to the end. .. rethinking this scenario, I believe that upon initial contact, since they will not be in the rain but fighting outside, basically a street fight, the Rocky will land the first five or six blows.

Having played both characters for decades, Sylvester Stallone has a clear understanding of their fighting techniques. Of course, Stallone wasn’t done plotting out his well-thought-out strategy. He gave some insight into how Rambo’s military training could give him the upper hand over Rocky Balboa.

If that does not incapacitate Rambo, which I don’t think he will unless he’s caught clean, Rambo’s skill set will definitely be in full display, Which means incredibly vicious assaults on the eyes, the throat, every vulnerable part of the body eventually leading to being pulled to the ground and most likely mauled… Then again Rocky is incredibly resilient and pretty good on the ground too!!

Overall, it appeared the imaginary battle would be a formidable one as each character can use his training, style, and techniques to his advantage. Neither man would go down without giving it his all. Stallone seemed excited by the fake fight as he put out his full theory with a homage to Rocky Balboa and Rambo in the post below.

Those pay-per-view numbers would be unbelievable if a Rocky and Rambo heavyweight fight were to happen in real life. Seeing how the military vet’s dangerous vigilante tactics would do against the retired boxer’s steadfast fighting style would be worth the money. And I would be here for it. Having these two characters battle it out would make one of my fantasy boxing matches come true.

Of course, this fight will only be a fantasy for millions of Rocky and Rambo fans like myself. Of course, he still has a love for both franchises, whether it’s sharing a gross, bloody video from the Rambo: Last Blood set or trolling fans about a possible Rocky movie. At least, fans have the movies to live with. If Sylvester Stallone has his way, there might be more Rambo and Rocky Balboa sequels in the future. If you want to watch the entire Rocky franchise, you can subscribe to HBO Max or Hulu. You can catch all the Rambo films by subscribing to Amazon Prime.

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