Sylvester Stallone Just Trolled Rocky Fans, But I’m Kind Of Here For It

Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV director's cut
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It stands to reason that Sylvester Stallone is frequently asked about the Rocky franchise, which is understandable since the beloved films hold such a special place in many viewers’ hearts. Any news related to the character or a potential new film sends the fandom in a frenzy. Of course, Stallone loves his fans, but sometimes the Rocky star needs a way to break up the endless questions. The Hollywood star decided to troll his followers with some possible movie news.

The trolling commenced after the Expendables star took to his Instagram to announce a surprise Rocky development. While fans held their breath over any news about the rumored Rocky sequel or a prequel, Sylvester Stallone got his daughter Sophia Stallone involved unexpectedly. To see the father-daughter troll moment, look at The Suicide Squad star’s full post below.

While some fans might’ve been upset over the false movie news, I found the episode fitting, as Sylvester Stallone probably gets flooded with inquiries and film quotes every day online and in real life. So, it was a fantastic way to maybe quell those questions… for now. But the post wasn't malicious, as Stallone wanted to just have some fun and pay homage to the character at the same time. At least the fans got a cute father-daughter moment as both emulated the Rocky statue with their best victory pose. Fans also know they and the beloved boxer aren’t too far from his mind.

Despite being a troll post, fans have been waiting for more news after Stallone confirmed he wouldn’t be back for Creed III. Initially it seemed like Sylvester Stallone was done with playing Rocky. Michael B. Jordan reacted to Stallone’s announcement by noting Rocky wasn’t in the sequel physically, but the character would still be present spiritually.

Of course, if the post was authentic, fans would’ve rejoiced over some Rocky news. For years, Sylvester Stallone has been teasing a potential Rocky sequel and prequel. Out of the two potential ideas, it seemed like the prequel was more concrete, as he teased a treatment for a television series. Now it seems like the TV prequel won’t happen for certain reasons, but that didn’t stop Stallone from posting what Rocky and Adrian Balboa would’ve looked like in the series. As far as a film sequel goes, Stallone explained the potential Rocky 7 could revolve around the retired boxer coaching and mentoring an illegal immigrant. So, there might be some potential Rocky for fans in the future.

But the fandom is still as ravenous for Rocky as they were in 1976. Rocky’s appeal has extended to even younger generations. Sylvester Stallone entertained two groups of young fans in different Instagram videos, even going as far as quizzing them what they like about the character. So Stallone will always have a love for his fans no matter the occasion.

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