That Time Jennifer Hudson Went Out For A Bike Ride And Ended Up Giving Us A Sneak Peek Of Michael B. Jordan On The Creed III Set

Michael B. Jordan and Aretha Franklin
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There are many perks to filming a TV or film project in California. The weather is usually nice and there are plenty of great locations around. Of course, with it being such a star-studded state, there's also an increased chance that a production may be visited by a big-name celebrity.  This time, Respect’s Jennifer Hudson was the celebrity who stumbled upon a film set, as the Oscar winner went out for a bike ride and ended up meeting Michael B. Jordan on the Creed III set.

The American Idol alum was minding her business and spending some quality mother-son time with her 12-year-old son, David. While out and about, they came upon the jacked Michael B. Jordan, who was filming in Venice, California. The Without Remorse alum seemed to be chilling on the beach as he, his cast, and crew were on location for his directorial debut. Hudson couldn’t let this celebrity sighting go unnoticed, so she took to Instagram to give her followers a little taste of the threequel. In her caption, she recounted how exactly they came up the Creed III crew:

So, I’m out bike riding with my kid and we run into @michaelbjordan and the Creed production crew , some of which worked with me on “Respect” like @kramorg! So instead of bike riding it ended up being a meet and greet on the beach. Boy these bike rides are getting more and more unpredictable!

That last line this isn’t the first time the Grammy winner had a surprise encounter while on her family bike rides There’s no telling what other celebrity run-ins she’s had on her rides though, of course, she could easily be referring to wildlife in the area. However, this particular meeting is no doubt a major highlight for her. This moment was actually just the latest leak. Shots of the director in the ring and co-star Jonathan Majors (who's making the internet thirsty over his ripped body on Muscle Beach) have also gained traction.

Of course, the Dreamgirls actress didn’t just report on her and her son's meetup the Creed II actor. She had the pics to back up her story, and they're pretty sweet. To see how the A-list celebrity run-in played out, you can check out Jennifer Hudson’s Instagram slideshow below.

All of these behind-the-scenes leaks for the new Creed film are more than enough to get one excited for what's to come. However, they're also a reminder that it may be a while before we get our first official look at the movie. Still, based on what's been teased, it should be worth the wait. In the meantime, I wonder if the set will get any more surprise visitors like Jennifer Hudson.

Moviegoers can check out Creed III when it opens in theaters on November 23, as it's one of 2022's biggest upcoming movie releases. In the meantime, you can stream the first two installments in the boxing franchise by subscribing to Hulu.

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