That Time Mission: Impossible’s Rebecca Ferguson Farted Loudly While Performing An Intense Stunt

The Mission: Impossible franchise has delivered some of the biggest and most memorable stunts ever, and they aren't slowing down. Leading man Tom Cruise continues to push the envelope and was even recently spotted jumping from a helicopter several times just to get the perfect shot for the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7. Sometimes stunts or fight scenes don't go smoothly, though, and the results can be hilarious, to say the least. Franchise star Rebecca Ferguson has the perfect example, as she recently revealed the times he farted loudly while performing an intense stunt. 

The fan-favorite actress has been reflecting on her career while promoting her new film, Dune. While breaking down her career for Vanity Fair, she discussed some of her most prominent roles, including Isla Faust in M:I. With this, the star told a laugh-out-loud story about a Fallout fight scene with Sean Harris’s Solomon Lane, where the fart in question took place. The actress recalled:

Sean Harris is one of the actors. He is awkward, uncomfortable, so terrifyingly scary, and he knows it. And then I kind of fell in love with him in [Fallout], we’ve got a good connection. And there’s a scene where I do my famous killer thigh move, when I jump up and I wrap a leg around. Since I’m ridiculously pregnant and boobs out to here, they forklift me up. I think I have, I think, four stunt guys lifting me up on him. And I do the twist, and he kind of lies down on the ground, I have to position myself. Positioning yourself on someone’s face when you’re pregnant, not sexy. And I then have to grab my leg around his neck, and I pull my leg and the biggest fanny fart comes out. And he’s literally caught between boobs and my big tummy.

The fight scene Rebecca Ferguson describes is actually one of the tensest and important scenes in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. It actually takes place during the climax of the film, which sees everything building to an insane finish. Ferguson was pregnant and, by her description, pretty far along. So the fact that she performed such an incredible feat, with the help of multiple stunt performers, is incredible. That “fanny fart” couldn't have been fun for her co-star, but just needs to be served against the villain, right? Ferguson went on to say:

And all I heard was, ‘Get me out of here!’ [Laughs] And I sadly enough said, ‘I can’t. Just deal with it, I can’t move, babes.

Sean Harris probably didn’t expect the fight to go down that road but, in hindsight, both he and his co-star have a hilarious story to tell. It's just too funny that it all happened during such a tense on-screen moment. I mean, in that same scene, Simon Pegg was dropped from a rope in a brutal-looking stunt that director Christopher McQuarrie shared. 

Of course, there are plenty of other fantastic stunts where those came from. The Mission: Impossible crew celebrated wrapping on the seventh installment after two long years filled with setbacks due to the pandemic. Franchise newcomer Hayley Atwell, in particular, seemed to enjoy working with the cast and crew and celebrated her first go-around with the franchise.

Rebecca Ferguson also shared a sweet post with Tom Cruise after wrapping filming M:I 7. Hopefully, with the film in its post-production phase, fans will get to see a trailer soon. In the meantime, you can catch Ferguson in Dune by heading to your local theater or streaming it on HBO Max.

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