The Mission: Impossible 7 Crew Is Celebrating Wrapping Tom Cruise’s Movie After 2 Years

Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise facing off in a mirrored room in Mission: impossible - Fallout.

It may have taken longer than expected, but Mission: Impossible 7 is finally wrapped. With production on one of the latest additions to 2022’s fall slate coming to a close, everyone seems to be relaxing. Even Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie are breathing easier, relaxing in the wake of a job well done; and so are members of their crew, who are ready to chalk up another impossible mission accomplished.

Photographer/gaffer Martin Smith posted a thankful message on his personal Instagram page, along with a photo boasting a rather oversized clapboard. Proclaiming Mission: Impossible 7 as “the hardest movie ever made,” Smith doesn’t mention that fact as a complaint. In fact, when read with the rest of his caption, provided below, it’s only another signal that the sixth sequel to Tom Cruise’s landmark franchise is another sweet victory:

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This is the latest of heartwarming wrap posts to come out of Mission: Impossible 7’s camp. Previously, star Rebecca Fergusson shared with the world a sweet photo that commemorated her completion of the current film’s activities. And on top of that, series newcomer Cary Elwes did the same, showing off his masked face after wrapping his still top secret role. So while we don’t know who’s in play, or what the latest threat to the world is, we at least know that Mission: Impossible 7 has finished filming.

After a production schedule that saw the COVID-19 pandemic put filming on hold, through both the initial worldwide lockdown and some cases found on set, Mission: Impossible 7’s wrapping really does feel like finishing the “hardest movie ever.” Martin Smith’s remark certainly reflects all of the turmoil and response that has been thrown at this ever resourceful cast and crew. And now, the road to the eventual start on producing Mission: Impossible 8 begins, which may be the perfect time to break out that oversized prop once more.

If that clapper pictured is any indication, Mission: Impossible 7 really is going to be a huge deal. Though we really didn’t need to consult the novelty of that item to tell you that, bringing up that absolutely gigantic prop is worth mentioning, as it pretty much matches Mission: Impossible’s work ethic as a franchise. And much like a Tom Cruise stunt, the scale is only as impressive as the work that went into it, and the results we’re going to see in a little over a year’s time.

Mission: Impossible 7 lights its fuse in theaters on September 30th, 2022. Should you want to see what the competition looks like, head over to the 2022 release schedule, and check out the future for yourself. Though there’s still plenty of thrills left on the 2021 release schedule, even if Mission:Impossible 7 sadly isn’t among them.

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