The Rock Continues Run Of Sweet Public Gestures, But This Time The Woman He Helped Had No Idea Who He Was

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has had a stellar past few years where the box office is concerned and his upcoming movies look like straight bangers as well. In addition to his Hollywood career, though, he’s apparently killing it in when it comes to acts of kindness. He recently not only bought his mother her forever home but also bought a house and car for his cousin. Aside from home purchases, Johnson seemingly continued his run of sweet gestures in some smaller ways and, this time, the woman he helped didn’t even know who the A-lister was!

Dwayne Johnson has made a habit of expressing how grateful he is for what he has and how he has been able to provide for the people in his life. As a result, he's been giving back to seemingly as many people as he can. And after he gifted a veteran his own truck this past Christmas, he's now opening doors for unsuspecting passersby. In a recent Instagram post, we can see Johnson interacting with an older woman who may have been having a little trouble getting into her car. He opens the door for her and closes it once she is safely inside, maintaining the big smile he had plastered on his face the whole time. You can check the video out in the post below, in which the two also have a cute little exchange:

It makes sense why The Rock was in such a great mood because, in addition to helping out a fellow human being, he had seemingly just traveled back home to Hawaii, where he lived during part of his childhood. He ended that interaction with an “Aloha" and mentioned in his caption that he's glad to have come back home.

His caption also highlights another pretty hilarious element of the interaction, in which the woman had no idea who Dwayne Johnson was. Johnson could've just dropped extensive list of best film credits, letting her know exactly who she had just come across. However, the highly sought-after star apparently told her he was Bruno Mars, even calling out the musician in his post. 

Whether it’s a small gesture like holding the door open for a stranger or buying an entire dream home for his mother, The Rock sure seems like he's putting his best foot forward when it comes to how he treats his fellow humans. While the interaction may be more on the simple side of what Johnson has done for people as of late, it just proves that anyone can show some kindness that will improve someone’s day, no recognition necessary. 

Fans of Dwayne Johnson have a lot to look forward to this year, including the highly anticipated Black Adam, which is headed to San Diego Comic-Con this year. Johnson may be playing a morally gray hero in the DC film, but he seems like quite the shining star for his family and community where his own real-life morals and ethics lie.

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