The Rock Continues To Be An A+ Human As His Mom Shows Off The Home He Bought For Her

Dwayne Johnson as Dr. Bravestone in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.
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I feel like everyone always says if they ever get famous or win the lottery they would spend their money helping other people or buying their family something huge, and it’s always so heartwarming when it actually happens. After Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gave his truck to a veteran this past Christmas, he has now continued on his journey of being an A+ human and bought his mom a house!.

Not only did Dwayne Johnson buy his mom a house, but he designed and gifted everything in it! He shared the sweet moment that his mother opened the doors of the home and experienced walking in with it furnished just for her for the first time, and it’s taking all I have to hold back the water works. Take a look for yourself in the Instagram post below:

You can pretty much see the moment Mama Johnson is overwhelmed with emotion in seeing the home her son designed for her. After saying she clearly says she “can’t wait to see it” and moves inside the house, she appears overcome as she sheds some humble tears and hugs herself. It looks like a lovely moment between her and her famous son.

This isn’t the first home Dwayne Johnson has bought for his mom, and he gifted her a car this past Christmas. In his caption, Johnson says he has bought her a number of homes, but the one he has chosen to share with the world and his fans now is his mother’s “forever” home. Johnson explains that it was her dream to have this place to call hers and to finally stop traveling around, and there is “no greater feeling” than what he feels from the fact that he could give it to her and make her happy.

As a mother to a little boy, I’m a complete sucker for Dwayne Johnson and his relationship with his mother and the rest of the women in his life. The Black Adam star is melting the hearts of moms all over the world, and is basically everything that a mother would want their son to turn out to be. It’s pretty clear that Mama Johnson did good, and is one hell of a mom. I mean, that caption? Be still my maternal heart.

Dwayne Johnson has been open about his younger years and the complicated relationship he had with his champion wrestler of a father growing up. He has even expanded on this relationship in his series Young Rock, where a younger version of himself is on screen dealing with some of the hardships he faced as a child and a young man. It only makes sense that he would dote on his mother, who he has maintained a good relationship with throughout his life. 

As Dwayne Johnson continues to be one hell of a human, he also is proving he is one hell of an actor. Among his many ongoing projects is the 2022 new release film Black Adam, which has been attached to Johnson for some time now. We can finally see him don his superhero suit on the big screen this October 21st, and after everything he has done with his money and fame for other people, he certainly deserves finally getting his spot as an on screen hero.

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