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This Story About Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powell And Miles Teller Rooming Together Is Too Cute

Top Gun: Maverick was a movie that fans waited decades to see and when the Top Gun sequel arrived the fans turned out in a big way. Maverick is the biggest movie of the year at the box office, by quite a wide margin. Fans are loving the return of Tom Cruise and all the new characters as well. It turns out the actors playing those characters love each other too. Seriously, these guys are adorable. 

Recently Top Gun: Maverick co-star Miles Teller shared a picture of himself and Glen Powell hanging out together and clearly having a good time. Despite the fact that the two antagonize each other in the film, it's obvious that these guys are pretty good friends. However, Powell then shared the picture on Twitter and took things to a whole new level by sharing a story about how the two shared a room during production and it’s incredibly sweet. 

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It’s possible that Glen Powell, who took his shirtless football sequence very seriously, is just having some fun with his friend and these bedtime exchanges, where they called each other Hangy and Roo didn’t actually happen. But there’s no reason not to believe this is genuine, and it’s so incredibly cute. Fans responding to this tweet are absolutely swooning now and it would be heartbreaking to learn this was a joke. While Powell is certainly having a laugh in bringing this story up, the story itself makes you look at the original picture differently. You can feel how genuine the smiles are.

And considering everything that the cast went through, it’s no wonder that at least some of them bonded so closely. These guys didn’t just make a movie together but they trained in actual jets in order to do all of Top Gun: Maverick’s flying scenes practically. Going through something like that together, sleeping in the same room on an aircraft carrier, is going to make your cast close. Glen Powell has talked about the pressure that everybody felt making Maverick. It’s not a shock they bonded during production.

The fact that they apparently called each other by their character callsigns rather than their names shows how much they were just living inside this movie. The fact they had adorable nicknames for those callsigns shows how close they really were. If anything could make Top Gun: Maverick an even better movie it’s knowing the actors had a great time making it. 

And it certainly makes you want to see them again. It took decades to get a sequel to Top Gun but considering just how successful Maverick has been, it’s hard to imagine Paramount isn’t considering making a Top Gun 3. Maybe Hangy and Roo will be back together before too long. 

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