This Week In News We Didn’t See Coming: Anna Kendrick And Bill Hader Are Allegedly Dating

Bill Hader on Seth Meyers/Anna Kendrick on James Corden
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In a stunning piece of news that we definitely did not expect to see gracing our computer screens this week, Anna Kendrick, of movie musical fame, and Bill Hader, impressionist extraordinaire, are dating. And it’s not even a new thing, either. The pair has reportedly been shacking up for at least a year. How did they avoid spilling the beans? The pandemic may have lent the couple a hand. 

People has reported in an exclusive feature that Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader have allegedly been dating. Yes, you read that correctly. The former Pitch Perfect star and the Saturday Night Live veteran have been going steady for a little over a year, but the pandemic has helped them keep a lid on their relationship. People’s source claims that they’re both ‘very private people’ and that the pandemic ‘made it easy’ to keep everything under wraps. The source added that they’re both ‘hysterical’ and that Kendrick is ‘really, really happy.’ Representatives for the actors have not yet commented on the situation, and none of the stars’ social media accounts have any photo evidence (although the same could be said of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, whose relationship has been all but confirmed by paparazzi photos). 

They may have been dating for a while now, but Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick actually seem to have met in 2019 when they filmed the Disney Christmas adventure Noelle. Bill Hader was dating Rachel Bilson at the time, who he met on the set of The To-Do List in 2013. Don’t worry everyone, it’s all above board: Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson ended their relationship on amicable terms in July 2020, and he wouldn’t reunite with Anna Kendrick until sometime in 2021. Kendrick actually hosted Saturday Night Live in 2014, but that was right after Hader had vacated his dressing room at Rockefeller Plaza. 

While Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader might seem like an odd pairing at first glance, the duo actually makes perfect sense upon closer inspection. Both actors are comedic powerhouses: Anna Kendrick has starred in several humor-driven projects, and no one with even the faintest knowledge of industry funnymen needs to be told about Bill Hader’s incredible contributions to the medium. In addition to spending several years as a main cast member on Saturday Night Live, Hader has also scored multiple Emmy Awards for his hit dark comedy series Barry. The relationship may have come as a surprise, but here’s hoping the talented twosome continue to make each other laugh for a long time to come. 

Anna Kendrick’s next onscreen appearance will be in Alice, Darling, a Canadian thriller directed by Mary Nighy. Season 3 of Barry doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll be sure to keep all of our Bill Hader fans here on CinemaBlend updated. 

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