Tom Holland Shares Zendaya’s Funny Reaction To The Uncharted Movie’s Stunts

Part of the fun of video games is that they can let you do pretty much anything. Characters can basically do whatever the creator can dream up. When those video games get adapted into movies, it means translating those crazy ideas into reality. And apparently, in the case of the new (and long delayed) Uncharted movie, that was easier said than done. As Tom Holland had some difficulty explaining one of the stunts to Zendaya in one sounds like a pretty funny exchange.

While Spider-Man: No Way Home was released prior to Uncharted, due to the various pandemic weirdness, the movie was actually filmed after Tom Holland completed work on Uncharted. This led to Holland telling Zendaya about his experience making the movie, and one of the wilder stunts that he performed. Zendaya, it seems, had trouble wrapping her head around the entire thing. Tom Holland tells Virgin Radio…  

I did have a hilarious moment on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home, because we shot that directly after shooting Uncharted. And I was sitting down with Zendaya, and I was trying to explain to her what Uncharted was about. And I was like, ‘There’s this stunt I did where I fell out of an aeroplane… well, I get hit by a car that is falling out of an aeroplane,’ And she was like, ‘Wait, what? How on earth does that happen? This film sounds ridiculous!’ And I was like, ‘You have to wait and see the film. It makes sense when you see the film, but me explaining it to you makes no sense at all!’

The sequence, which is part of the trailers for the Uncharted movie, does make a certain amount of sense in context. Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake is on a cargo plane where a pretty nice looking car is being transported. After being nearly knocked out of the plane once, and climbing back on board, Drake gets run over by the car rolling out of the plane.

The details of why Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake is on the plane or why it makes sense that this car is also there are not made clear in the trailer, so it might all still be ridiculous. But to be honest, the entire Uncharted game franchise is a little bit ridiculous, that’s part of the fun. The sequence is actually inspired by a very similar one in one of the video games, though Uncharted is doing a lot of other things differently.

But it’s understandable why Zendaya would feel like none of it makes sense. Clearly she isn’t familiar with the game franchise and if you tried to explain the games to anybody who had not played them or something like them, you’d likely get a similar response. Perhaps once Uncharted is released and Zendaya gets a chance to see it she’ll agree that it now all makes sense.

Dirk Libbey
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