Top Gun: Maverick Is Coming Back The Theaters With Bonus Giveaways For The Fans

People waited for decades for a brand new Top Gun movie and it has to be said that when the movie finally arrived, fans delivered in a big way. Top Gun: Maverick is now the seventh highest grossing movie in domestic box office history, but Maverick isn’t done yet. Looking to put a cherry on top of these box office numbers Paramount is hoping to get people back to the theater next weekend with a special “Fan Appreciation Weekend,” offering behind-the-scenes looks at the film and free stuff.

Today Paramount announced that special participating showings of Top Gun: Maverick between Friday, August 12 and Sunday, August 14 will include a behind-the-scenes look at Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast filming on board the USS Roosevelt. In addition, fans will be able to pick up a special print created by UK artist Doaly. Certainly, if you still haven’t made it to see Top Gun: Maverick this cool additional stuff may be what gets you out there. Fans that have seen the movie may go out to see it one more time since there’s a little something extra on offer. Here’s a look at the print fans can pick up. 

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We’ve seen similar moves pulled with big movies like Avengers: Endgame where before a film is technically out of theaters, it gets a “re-release” that adds something that you didn’t get to see the first time around. And since movies don’t generally reach this level of success without a lot of people going to see them more than once, you know it’s possible to get fans back in the theater, you just need to figure out how. 

And it’s possible this could be enough to help Top: Gun: Maverick move up one additional slot on the all-time domestic box office rankings. Maverick currently sits at $662 million, only $16 million less than Black Panther. Considering that Top Gun: Maverick still made $7 million this past weekend, it’s 11th week of release, if enough people boost those numbers by going back next weekend, the number six spot is attainable. 

Even if Top Gun: Maverick ends its theatrical run as only the seventh highest grossing domestic movie ever, and 13th highest grossing world wide, I have a feeling Paramount Pictures will be ok with that. Having bypassed Titanic on the domestic box office list Maverick is the highest grossing movie in the history of Paramount. It’s also the highest grossing movie that Tom Cruise has ever made, which reportedly means Maverick is a massive payday for Cruise.

Certainly there were expectations that Top Gun: Maverick would be a success but it seems unlikely anybody quite expected this. Even Quentin Tarantino is singing the praises of Maverick. But since we’re here Paramount is hoping they can entice fans to go see Maverick at least one more times, and fans will at least get something extra for making the trip. 

Dirk Libbey
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