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Universal Orlando's Shrek Donkey On A Roll This Week After Trolling Guests For Disney World Figment Buckets AND Minnie Mouse Ears

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The Shrek 4-D movie is gone from Universal Orlando Resort, but the Shrek franchise is still going strong inside the parks because Donkey is still there and Donkey is still talking some serious smack to the guests. Last week Donkey went off on somebody who wore Minnie Mouse ears inside Universal. And now he’s back at at as the recently infamous Figment popcorn bucket made a trip to the park and Donkey was more than a little offended.

People stood for hours in a line at Epcot last week to get a popcorn bucket in the shape of Figment, the cute purple dragon who appears in the Journey Into Imagination attraction. One of the people that scored that bucket, TikTok’s teacuptravelco then turned around and took it to Universal Orlando Resort. They got a picture with the bucket along with Donkey and Princess Fiona and Donkey made it perfectly clear that the only reason he stood for the photo is because he had to. Check it out. 


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This person is clearly here to troll Donkey a little bit. Donkey’s whole schtick is that he roasts the people he talks to a little bit, and so the question was not if Donkey would slam Figment, but how. Still, it’s all pretty funny, and Donkey admits that really he’s just a little jealous because nobody has made a popcorn bucket of him. And honestly, why hasn’t that happened?

But to be fair, there's a lot of fun to be had here. It’s been reported that the lines at Epcot to get this popcorn bucket were as much as seven hours long and that’s pretty wild. You have to want something pretty bad to be willing to stand in a line like that and while there were certainly a lot of people willing to do so, there are also a lot of people who think doing so was insane.

Donkey is basically the voice of Universal Orlando Resort these days. The official resort Twitter account throws a lot of shade at Disney, so really Donkey is just doing what’s expected of him. It’s one of the things about Donkey that stands out. Unlike a lot of theme park attractions that try to make you feel like you have entered their world, Donkey is very aware that he’s inside a theme park and that there’s another one not too far away. One wonders if the voice of Donkey writes tweets in his spare time.

While the Shrek 4-D movie is closed now after a two decade run, Donkey is still there and he’s remained quite popular with guests. It seems likely that, whatever happens in the space where the film ran, Donkey may remain for the foreseeable future. This means that there will be many more opportunities for Donkey to have some fun with guests, and their popcorn buckets. 

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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