Walt Disney World TikTok Proposal Did Not Go As Planned As Dude Gets Escorted Out Of Parks Instead

Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire
(Image credit: Walt Disney World)

Marriage proposals in public places are far from a novel idea. But getting down on one knee in a crowded place doesn’t come without its risks. There’s the public humiliation factor that comes if your spouse-to-be says no. Now thanks to TikTok, we know that if you try to propose marriage at Walt Disney World, there is a possibility you may end up getting escorted out of the park. 

Asking someone to marry you at the Most Magical Place on Earth seems like a pretty good idea on paper. For one unfortunate Disney World guest, the decision to try to propose ended up being more trouble than it was worth – because he found himself being wrangled by the park security before he could pop the big question:


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It’s not clear why this guest’s attempted proposal was stymied by the Disney World cast member, though some internet users have speculated that it could be because balloons are not compliant with park rules. (Balloons are prohibited in several Disney World properties.) It’s safe to say this was not the first time someone tried to propose at Disney World – and even if the proposal was a joke, they weren’t escorted to the exit. 

We may never know the official line on why this guest wasn’t allowed to make his grand declaration of love on the park’s grounds – or if he was able to eventually complete his proposal in another, possibly less public, location. Yet, even without this strange incident, Disney World is never hurting for viral moments. In the past few days alone, there was a viral TikTok of a private wedding party in front of Cinderella’s castle – a rare site to see when the park is notorious for being one of the most crowded attractions around. That footage did its job of showing just how magical Disney World can be for wedding guests (for the right price, anyway). 

Disney Parks have found a way to leverage their social media accounts on platforms like TikTok to build excitement for upcoming Disney World attractions. When the parks began to tease the new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster at Epcot, a viral TikTok helped them get the word out. 

But some of Disney World’s internet-famous moments are better for the brand than others. Their announcement of a Disney-themed living community ended up backfiring after Twitter users started roasting future residents. The parks’ social media team probably would have preferred that footage of the Little Mermaid attraction on fire to have stayed offline. A recent insensitive performance at a Disney World parade prompted an official statement from the company after a video spread on Twitter. 

From the looks of it, there wasn’t anything too insensitive or over-the-top about this Disney World proposal that never was – but it just goes to show that even the Magic Kingdom has limits on “happily ever after.” 

Katherine Webb