Will Smith And His Son Try To Capture A Big Spider In Funny Post

Will Smith talks to Janet Hubert on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion.
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The Will Smith moment at the top of everyone's mind right now is the Oscar slap that made the internet explode. While he’s been trying to recover from the backlash, he’s taken to social media to make fun posts to entertain followers. His latest is a video of him and his son, Trey, trying to capture a big spider that the two discovered in their home.

There’s nothing like chilling at home with your 29-year-old son only to find a giant tarantula making itself comfortable like an invited guest. In a video Smith posted on Instagram, he and his son face off against a big spider making its way towards them.

After Will Smith tells his son he can “handle the bite,” volunteering him to take on the spider, Trey gives his father a frightful “are you serious” type of look. But, the King Richard star does step in and help capture the arachnid, with Trey trapping the tarantula in a cup and the Oscar-winning actor sliding a piece of paper beneath it. What a team! Trey Smith says that was the biggest spider they’ve ever seen.

After this eight-legged encounter occurred at their “Holiday Inn,” as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor called it, he sarcastically threatens to sell his home. His wife jokingly commented in that this house is her husband’s now. Hopefully, this tarantula doesn’t have a family hiding in another undisclosed location of the house.

Ever since Will Smith’s Oscar fiasco, he’s been trying to make himself more public in the online sphere. He broke the silence following the slap by making a public video apologizing to Chris Rock for striking him on television, and he said that he’s ready to talk to him whenever the standup comedian is willing. After embarking on a “spiritual journey” to India for a meditation retreat, he left his self-imposed exile when he and his wife, Jada, paid an afternoon visit to Nobu Malibu.

With Smith’s career being on a bit of a hiatus right now, it appears that he’s taken the time to still reach out to fans by posting funny videos which will help audiences remember the man's talents as an entertainer. His first social media post since his apology was a hilarious yet self-deprecating video of a young monkey poking the butt of a sitting older Gorilla who clearly doesn’t want to be bothered. One could read that as a metaphor for the actor wanting to get back in the good graces of his fans, the entertainment industry as a whole, and Chris Rock. This Saturday Night Live alum allegedly has no plans to reach out to Will Smith, so it may take a little while before the two entertainers get back on good terms.

It’ll be an interesting journey to see what else Will Smith will have in store going forward in his career. Keep up with CinemaBlend’s new movie releases to see when the Best Actor winner will make an appearance again on the big screen. 

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