McCartney Gets High At Led Zep Reunion Gig

According to British publication The Mirror, Sir Paul McCartney was spotted at Led Zeppelin’s reunion show on Monday night enjoying a big fat marijuana cigarette. At which point the police were called, the show shut down, Macca escorted away in handcuffs and…uh, no. Nothing was done to halt the illegal activity, as the discreet staff at the O2 Arena allegedly told Paul, “It’s okay, you’re a legend.”

A legendary pothead, that is. The former Beatle has never made any secret of his love for the drug, which was famously introduced to the band by Bob Dylan in 1966. Macca was an active supporter Legalise Marijuana Campaign and helped pay for a 1967 editorial in the London Times calling for the release of all convicts of pot related charges. McCartney also has the distinction of being busted for possession more times than any other major rock star. He was fined for smuggling hashish into Sweden in 1972, ran afoul of authorities in Scotland for marijuana possession that same year, and was caught in Scotland again for growing the plant on the highlands farm he shared with first wife Linda in 1973. McCartney’s most renowned brush with the law is his 1980 arrest and subsequent deportation in Japan for bringing half a pound of weed into the country. Half a pound! Did he want to smoke out the entire population?

Despite soon to be ex-second wife Heather Mills’ prenuptial request that Paul quit his daily blazing, old habits are hard to kick (unlike bitchy ex-wives). While I could be jealous that Paul is free to puff a doob in full view while I can’t even smoke a cig within 20 feet of my local Starbucks, I can take solace in the fact that not only has Paul taken one for the team on numerous occasions, but that he knows what us Zep fans have always known: “Dazed and Confused” sounds even awesomer when you’re baked.