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Yesterday we reported on the release date for Jennifer's Body, the latest take on the genre from the often over-hated but definitely over-rated, Diablo Cody; which means we can probably expect less of the emo-angsty demons which plague other movies at the moment and more of those indie-hipster ones that plague hers instead.

However, the worst news is still to come. A few months back a huge buzz hit the net when “spy” pics emerged showing the movie's main star Megan Fox emerging from a lake naked save for a couple of little pasties and some flesh colored pants covering her modesty. Teen boys across the world no doubt abused many a sports sock to these images and it provided a much needed publicity boost for an otherwise unremarkable and low-key project. After all how many people would have rented Havoc without buzz about Anne Hathaway nekkid? Which kinda makes you wonder how “spy” those pictures actually were. But I digress.

According to FilmGecko the latest rumor surrounding the movie is that this topless scene, the only real selling point of the movie unless you are a die-hard Diablo Cody fan (Are you? Really??), has been cut from the final print. Are the producers attempting actual live movie hari-kiri? Has Megan Fox suddenly come over all shy? This move makes no sense from a marketing point of view because at worst it's better to be known as “the movie where Megan Fox shows the goods” than to be “the Diablo Cody vampire flick nobody saw”. Presumably on a more practical plain they're aiming for that predictable and, to be frank tiresome, PG-13-theatrical/Unrated-DVD switch-back to boost sales.

Stop editing for content Hollywood in your slimy manipulative attempts to boost sales. Boobs sell too! Keep them in! Or... should that be, keep them out, so to speak.

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