In a somewhat silly notion, director Martin Campbell announced that Bond will not be smoking in Casino Royale, despite the fact that the spy was originally written as a heavy smoker.

Bond never had much of a problem with tobacco until the Brosnan movies when it mysteriously disappeared. Much to the chagrin of the American Lung Association, Bond took the nasty habit back up in Die Another Day. According to Britain's "The Times", the new Bond will set the death sticks aside again, for the kids.

As written by The Times: "Ian Fleming’s spy was a 70-a-day smoker but as an iconic hero for a PG-12 (that's something like PG-13 in the UK) film in the 21st century, 'it’s not quite the right thing', the film’s director, Martin Campbell, said yesterday.". If the filmmakers are so worried about Bond's effect on the kiddies (who, I might add, shouldn't be seeing the film in the first place) I guess gun slinging and random sex are OK for the little ones?

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