Just what you wanted--another story about Angelina Jolie! Yeah I know, you'd rather we displayed a photo gallery. But just pretend to be interested in our news stories for a moment.

According to Film Guardian, Angelina wants to be bad. Very bad. She is considering a role as the sexy Bond girl in the upcoming James Bond 007 movie, starring opposite Daniel Craig. They starred together in the first Tomb Raider film and have positive memories of the experience, even if none of us shared the joy in watching it.

There is just one problem-- Angelina feels the femme Bond role in the Casino Royale adaptation is too lightweight for her style. An insider told the Sun newspaper, "Angelina would rather play a baddie than eye candy." She might be swayed into taking the role, if they make the character tougher and more edgy.

She may be a charity worker, but she wants to be naughty on screen. And I suspect there aren't many people who are about to complain.

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