2004 is over and the biggest event of the new CB year is approaching. We call it Oscar Chat 4, but last year we called it Oscar Chat 3.

Every year it grows, so who knows what epic proportions we’ll reach this year, but clear your schedules right now, you’ll want to be there.

What Is It? Cinema Blend readers gather in the CB Chatroom and watch the Oscars together, make fun of them together, and generally just don’t shut up. Of course you CAN shut up, and are welcome to come and just watch and say nothing.

When Is it? Sunday, February 27, 2005 6:30pm EST – Whenever the Oscars Broadcast Ends

Where Is It? Aren’t you listening? In the CB Chatroom. You can access it by clicking this link or by clicking the CHAT button on the site menu. That’s if you want to access it with our homegrown Java applet. If not, it is an IRC chatroom, which means you can access it via MIRC, or any other program capable of accessing IRC like Trillian at server irc.rtds.org port 7001, channel name #cinemablend.

Still have questions about how to access our chatroom? Try our BEGINNERS GUIDE TO OSCAR CHAT.

Alright, no excuses, you’ve had plenty of notice! Get ready now and join the CB Staff and your fellow CB Readers for the ultimate chat experience… or something at least pretty close to it.

Better still, start helping us spread the word! Tell your friends and use the following banners to link to this page:

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