The Netflix catalog is not what you would describe as static. Every month – if not every few weeks – there are both new movies being added, and others being taken away. October will be no different, but now the streaming service has revealed the big shakeups that will be going down.

We’ve combed through the list of films that will be both arriving and leaving Netflix next month, and picked out the best of the best that you should definitely try to see sooner rather than later (especially in the case of those that will be departing the service). Read on for the update!

Batman Begins
Coming: Batman Begins
Along with Bryan Singer’s X-Men and Jon Favreau’s Iron Man, Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins helped completely change the definition of "comic book movie" within the film industry – and it partially did so just by being really damn good. The adaptation of the origin is so well done and the dark and grounded approach works so well that you don’t even notice that it actually takes more than an hour for Batman to actually show up in the movie.

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