If you had a glass of water on the desk next to your computer, it would begin to shake right about now. Why? Because the marketing campaign for next summer’s hugely anticipated Jurassic World just took its first lumbering steps, sending a seismic shockwave of excitement (and information) across the ‘net -- with the promise of more to come.

Universal launched a viral site for the fictional company Masrani, peeling back the curtain on Jurassic World and filling in some crucial details ahead of the fourth Jurassic Park movie. We scoured the site and dug up 10 amazing facts that we think you need to know prior to settling in for Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming Jurassic World, starting with…

Jurassic World Trailer
The Trailer is Coming
This knowledge actually comes from the official Jurassic World web site, which has a countdown clock ticking away toward… something. I’m going on record as saying it’s the first Jurassic World trailer. And if you do the math, you realize it’s supposed to drop on Thanksgiving Day. In the evening. Possibly during football. Pass the turkey, and run from dinosaurs.

Opening Day
Opening Day
Jurassic World, the "World’s Greatest Theme Park," opened for business in June 2005. According to the section of the viral site dedicated to Jurassic World – also labeled as "the safest theme park in the world" – the park played host to 98,120 visitors during its first month of operation. Right, but how many of them were accidently devoured by the park’s attractions?

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