The 10 Funniest Moments In Captain America: Civil War

Warning: spoilers for Captain America: Civil War below

Now that Captain America: Civil War has hit theaters the bar has effectively been raised when it comes to top-notch superhero cinema. The latest Marvel adventure has taken everything we love about the franchise and turned it up to eleven. Civil War provides audiences with a dark, mature narrative that treats its source material with the respect that it truly deserves.

That being said, Captain America: Civil War still knows how to have fun at the right spots. Despite the fact that it’s a somber film, there are plenty of humorous moments to break the tension and get audiences laughing. We’ve gone through the film with a fine toothcomb and compiled a list of the ten funniest moments in Civil War that had us in stitches. Now let’s get started with one of the MCU’s newest and funniest characters…

Spider-Man Is Star-Struck By The Avengers

Civil War takes special care to frame Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as little more than an ordinary kid with extraordinary abilities. When he finally gets his chance to fight alongside – and against – The Avengers, he cannot help but completely fan boy at how awesome the opportunity is for him to finally be working with "Mr. Stark." Even when he makes his entrance to square off against Team Cap, he finds himself telling Steve Rogers how big of a fan he is, and marveling at the sheer cool factor of Bucky’s metallic arm. Spider-Man is brave and smart, but he isn’t exactly the smoothest hero on the roster.

Ant-Man Meets Cap, Is Also Star-Struck

If Peter Parker is the resident fan boy for Team Iron Man, then Scott Lang arguably does an even better job of brining the laughs for Team Cap. The film doesn’t provide too much information as to how Hawkeye tracked Ant-Man down to enlist his help, but as soon as Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang sees the opportunity in front of him, he can’t help but swoon. This leads to a hilarious scene where Ant-Man shakes Captain America’s hand for far too long and tells each of the Avengers that he definitely knows who they are.

Falcon Gets A "Bird Costume" Receipt

Although he doesn’t have any real powers to speak of, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson still has one of the most outlandish Avengers personas in the form of Falcon. His flight harness bears an uncanny resemblance to the wings of a bird, and Civil War wastes no time pointing out how ridiculous that is. When Cap and Falcon are arrested for trying to bring Bucky in on their own terms, they receive receipts for their iconic pieces of equipment. Lacking no clear way to describe Falcon’s flight harness, the government agents simply give him a receipt bearing the phrase "bird costume." To be fair, Sam, it’s not exactly wrong.

Team Iron Man Reacts To Giant-Man

Few people would have expected that Ant-Man would have arguably the coolest moment during the Berlin airport fight when he rigged his suit to make him grow into Giant-Man. If we didn’t expect it, then Tony Stark and Team Iron Man definitely didn’t expect it. As soon as Giant-Man appears, the supporters of the Sokovia Accords look to one another with utter confusion as Tony asks for anyone with surprising, amazing abilities to please step forward and reveal themselves. In a franchise where aliens, alternate dimensions, and killer robots constantly rear their heads, it’s a surprisingly honest comment about the absurdity of Ant-Man’s abilities, and it made us howl.

Bucky And Sam In The Car

We genuinely didn’t expect to love the dynamic between Falcon and The Winter Soldier as much as we did. As Steve Rogers’ two closest friends, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes never quire get along with each other during the events of Civil War. Their best moment comes when Sharon Carter returns their equipment to them before they assemble Team Cap at the airport. While Steve bids his farewell to Sharon (and by extension, Peggy), Sam and Bucky bicker over the position of Sam seat, as it cruches Bucky in the backseat of their stolen VW Bug. But as soon as Steve kisses Sharon, both Sam and Bucky quit their fighting to give Steve nods of approval.

Vision Doesn’t Understand Doors

As one of the newest additions to The Avengers roster, Vision still hasn’t quite mastered certain social skills. He wasn’t born yesterday (like in Age of Ultron), but he still has quite a way to go until he figures out what really makes people tick. When Steve Rogers and Scarlet Witch share an emotional moment with one another following the devastating incident in Nigeria, Vision barges in to the room by phasing through the wall, startling Steve and Wanda. It’s a humorous moment by itself, but it's made all the better by Paul Bettany’s deadpan depiction of Vision’s completely obliviousness to social cues.

Sam Asking Black Widow To Thank Red Wing

The opening scene of Captain America: Civil War features The Avengers functioning like a completely well-oiled machine. They work well with one another in combat, and still manage to have some fun in the process. The scene also provides us with the introduction to Red Wing, Falcon’s trusty drone sidekick. After Falcon uses Red Wing to save Black Widow from being killed by Crossbones’ thugs, she thanks Sam, who then insists that the credit and gratitude should go to the cute Red Wing for doing the work. Although Widow rolls her eyes at this, it’s a perfect character moment that shows how Sam Wilson can crack wise in the face of danger.

Scott Lang Talking About Passing Out When Becoming Giant-Man

Although Team Cap manages to land quite a few good hits against Iron Man’s forces during the airport fight sequence, it isn’t until Scott Lang makes the bold call to grow into Giant-Man that the tide of the fight really turns. At first it seems like he knows exactly what he’s doing, but the moment to grow gets closer and closer, Lang begins to divulge that he’s really only done this once before, and that he could very well tear himself in two if something goes wrong. Eventually, he becomes Giant-Man and helps Captain America get away, but once he’s returned to normal size he has a look of terror and exhaustion on his face as he pleads for some orange slices to help him recover. Ant-Man really steals this show, doesn't he?

Empire Strikes Back Method Of Taking Down Giant Scott Lang

Captain America: Civil War reaches pinnacle geekiness when Spider-Man uses strategies learned from the "really old" Star Wars franchise in order to take down Giant-Man. Using his webbing to entangle Scott Lang’s legs, Peter Parker calls out on the radio to inquire if anyone else has seen that old movie The Empire Strikes Back, and remembers the scene in which the rebels use tow cables to take down the Imperial AT-AT walkers. This leads War Machine to make an awesome crack about the Web Head’s youth and inexperience while he and Tony swoop in and take down the enlarged Ant-Man. We now know that Star Wars exists in this universe, so a crossover between the two Disney-owned properties is looking less and less likely.

Tony Stank

Although Captain America: Civil War ends on a somewhat downer note, the Russos take time to make sure that they squeeze one solid laugh in before the credits roll. Once the smoke has settled and War Machine begins to learn to walk again, Tony and Rhodey have a quiet moment with one another at the Avengers’ compound. After sharing their somber thoughts about the war that has just taken place, and the importance of the Sokovia Accords, a postal worker (played by the always reliable Stan Lee) arrives asking for a "Tony Stank." War Machine immediately begins to laugh at this mispronunciation as Tony bitterly signs for the package, and we as an audience immediately get the sense that Rhodey will be alright. It’s a small moment, but one that feels incredibly true to the relationship these characters have been building since the first Iron Man.

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