Warning: spoilers for Captain America: Civil War below

Now that Captain America: Civil War has hit theaters the bar has effectively been raised when it comes to top-notch superhero cinema. The latest Marvel adventure has taken everything we love about the franchise and turned it up to eleven. Civil War provides audiences with a dark, mature narrative that treats its source material with the respect that it truly deserves.

That being said, Captain America: Civil War still knows how to have fun at the right spots. Despite the fact that it’s a somber film, there are plenty of humorous moments to break the tension and get audiences laughing. We’ve gone through the film with a fine toothcomb and compiled a list of the ten funniest moments in Civil War that had us in stitches. Now let’s get started with one of the MCU’s newest and funniest characters…

Spider-Man Is Star-Struck By The Avengers
Civil War takes special care to frame Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as little more than an ordinary kid with extraordinary abilities. When he finally gets his chance to fight alongside – and against – The Avengers, he cannot help but completely fan boy at how awesome the opportunity is for him to finally be working with "Mr. Stark." Even when he makes his entrance to square off against Team Cap, he finds himself telling Steve Rogers how big of a fan he is, and marveling at the sheer cool factor of Bucky’s metallic arm. Spider-Man is brave and smart, but he isn’t exactly the smoothest hero on the roster.

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