Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, it’s no longer necessary to learn everything about superheroes by reading through thousands of comic books. Unfortunately, searching for these heroes online can sometimes be hazardous, and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up on a page that gives your computer a virus or another type of malware. Granted, the chances of these things happening are relatively small, but it’s good to stay informed on which names you should be careful about typing into your search engine.

With that in mind, McAfee has released this year’s list of Top 10 Most Toxic Superheroes (there are actually 11, one is a tie). In 2014, Superman ranked #1, but this year the Man of Steel has been knocked from first place. He didn’t even make the list! Instead, he was replaced by someone who…let’s just say is about to make a splash on the big screen. Take a look at this year’s winner (not that we want any of them to succeed with this) and the chances of you falling prey to their hidden dangers. 10. Batman, 18.33%
11. Batman, 18.33%
DC’s Dark Knight is a pop culture juggernaut, but evidently he isn’t popular enough to break the top 5. However, he’s still one of the world’s top superheroes, so it’s not surprising he’s on here given everything that’s happening with him in the movies, TV, comics and video games.

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