Wolverine Confirmed To Appear In X-Men: Apocalypse

News can come from the strangest places. It’s been a question in recent weeks whether or not Hugh Jackman would be appearing in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. It now looks like we do have confirmation that Wolverine will be in the new film, thanks to an Instagram photo from a leather goods manufacturer in New York.

While the photo was posted a month ago, the folks over at X Men Films just unearthed the Instagram shot from KikaNY Leather Goods, who have been asked to make a custom duffel bag for Hugh Jackman for use on the Apocalypse set. It sounds like the bag is for Jackman’s personal use, though it’s possible the bag is actually for Wolverine and will appear in the film. If Hugh Jackman’s new bag is going to be in Montreal during filming, then it stands to reason that Jackman himself will also be there. It’s called the associative property of entertainment news.

While we already knew many of the actors and characters who would be appearing in the upcoming film, confirmation on Wolverine’s appearance was strangely missing through it all. This answer comes on the heels of learning that Channing Tatum, who will be starring in a standalone Gambit movie (now that he finally has a director) will not have a role in Apocalypse to set up the film.

While the drawings for the bag are a little hard to make out, it looks to be a fairly solid design:

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The makers promised to post photos of the final product but never did, possibly because some commenters pointed out that their statements constituted Jackman’s confirmation (sorry guys, totally not trying to get you in trouble). Based on the design and the comments made by the maker however, it appears that the final product might look like this:

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Now that we know for sure that Jackman is returning for one last X-Men movie, before his swan song in Wolverine 3 we can turn our focus to important questions like: What is he going to do in it? How will he fit in the story? Where can we get one of those bags?

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