The Super Bowl, annually, is a spot where major studios bring the best of their upcoming slates so that they can appeal to hundreds of millions of eyeballs all at once (while spending millions of dollars to do so). Last night was no exception, with massive summer tentpoles from Jason Bourne to X-Men: Apocalypse bringing visually stunning – albeit too brief – commercials to Super Bowl 50, hoping to steal focus from the game and, maybe, sell a ticket or two.

We have covered all of the Super Bowl trailers in detail, and you can hit up our News Index for the rundown of each spot. But before we move away from the marketing blitz surrounding the big game, these are the moments that made up put down our drinks, pause from the chips and dip, and stare at the screen with out mouths hanging open. They are the most badass images from the Super Bowl Movie Trailers, with an explanation why they caught our collective eye.

Team Cap
Team Cap
Captain America: Civil War looks very much like Avengers 2.5, as some members of the MCU have taken to calling it. And as we lead up to the May blockbuster, we have been wondering which heroes will fall on which side. Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) are going to be at odds over the Sokovia Accords, forcing existing Marvel heroes to choose a side. Well, on Sunday, we officially met Team Cap… with the surprising reveal of Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) on the screen! Here’s one side of the Civil War equation…

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