22 Jump Street
Practically Everybody Is A Writer
Michael Bacall, Rodney Rothman and Oren Uziel are all credited with writing the script for 22 Jump Street, but they are far from the only writers who had their say in the direction of the material. In addition to being one of the film’s stars, Jonah Hill helped develop the story for the sequel. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have a long history of writing credits, from Clone High to The LEGO Movie. Channing Tatum is working on the script for Magic Mike XXL. Obviously having this much creative energy on a set has its effects, and as a result the production spent a great deal of time working off-script.

"Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to shoot the thing that's on the page at all," Lord told us, discussing the amount of improvisation that went into every scene. "It's definitely a free for all. We're writers, Jonah's a writer, Channing's now a writer. We're all sitting there and we have a writer on set. We're just trying to get the most out of every sequence and every scene. So I would say we pretty quickly diverge from what's on the page."

Imagining how good the script must have been for the project to be greenlit, it’s pretty awesome to think that they are only building on it.

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