Tomorrowland was supposed to be the continuation of a bright future for Disney’s 2015. Unfortunately, with the film languishing in box office hell after a week of general release, it looks like the studio has given up on the film becoming a money maker. Which means that it was almost like clockwork when the executives at Disney announced last night that Tron Ascension, after a good month of underground buzz that the film was going to start shooting this fall, was cancelled. While the studio hasn’t officially announced this as the cause of death, anyone could see the writing on the wall as Tomorrowland started to look like a less than sure fire hit.

Though it might look like Disney making the right decision on paper, it’s really a poor move on to cancel a project so anticipated as Tron: Ascension. In fact, there’s three really good reasons that come to mind when fighting for the fans that want to see Sam Flynn, Quorra, and the rest of the Tron Legacy gang come back for at least one last ride. It’s time to enter the arena and battle the naysayers, as we throw down the three big reasons Disney shouldn’t give up on Tron Ascension just yet.

The Story Needs Closure
When we last left the world of The Grid, Sam Flynn was ready to inherit the family legacy that is Encom, and Quorra was ready to learn about the world outside of the computer. Of course, the story didn’t end with what we saw in the movie, as the further unfolding story was told on the Blu Ray special features to Tron Legacy, setting the stage for an epic war between Flynn and the Dillinger family. With that huge thread dangling in the wind, there’s still quite a bit of story to tell.

Tron Ascension, by title alone, sounds like it’s about the story of Sam and his quest to bring the Flynn name back to its former glory. At the very least, Disney should close off the story that they started in 1982 with one final sequel, drawing the story of the Tron franchise to a close. Let’s not forget, Tron still has a lot of fans out there who’ll eat this up.

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