After the opening weekend box office numbers came in for Marvel’s latest superhero flick, Ant-Man, it seemed like the massive franchise had taken a hit. The tiny superhero brought in a tiny number compared to its Avenger friends. But, despite a low box office showing, the movie still took number one seat over the weekend. When comparing Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man to other players in the MCU, he may seem like a huge flop at first glance. But, in reality, the film was actually a great success for the world’s mightiest franchise, and there are four big reasons why.

Reduced Budget
Marvel Studios has become quite comfortable dominating the box office. This time around may have been the second lowest opening weekend gross in their franchise history (beating out The Incredible Hulk), but it comes with a much lower budget then the studio is used to. Marvel was able to make Ant-Man on a budget of about $130 million. That’s almost 100 million less than the first Avengers. Granted, this was an origin story for a much lesser-known character than we’ve previously been introduced to, but even so, Guardians of the Galaxy was in a similar boat name-recognition wise, and they still had a budget close to $200 million as well.

Ant-Man brought in $58 million this weekend domestically. On top of the growing international box office, that puts the film at $114 million worldwide. If you start comparing this to lets say The Avengers or even lesser known Guardians of the Galaxy that seems very low. But for the budget, and smaller size of the film (and its titular character), Marvel can take this a fairly solid win at the box office. Not to mention, this is the first origin story of a single character we’ve seen in a while, and definitely one of the better ones for that matter.

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