4-Year-Old Boy Honored With Touching Star Wars Funeral

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4-year-old Jack Robinson may not have spent many years on Earth, but during that short time, he was able to accomplish more than he ever could have imagined. Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor this past January, he constructed a bucket list of things he wanted to do, and with the help of his parents, he set about checking each and every one off. Earlier this month, that list was officially completed with the greatest Star Wars-themed funeral ever bestowed upon anyone after the young Jedi passed away.

To celebrate their son’s positive spirit and determined fight, parents Terence and Marie Robinson organized the special send-off. According to The Daily Mail, it included floral tributes in the shape of major Star Wars characters, the white horse drawn carriage seen above, Storm Trooper escorts and a beautiful piece of music played during the service.

That’s the "Binary Sunset". It’s Luke Skywalker’s theme and no doubt it stirred the emotions quite a bit during the service when it was played. It’s hard to listen to the entire thing without getting a little misty-eyed to begin with. Throw in a lost four-year-old and even the toughest dudes among us would be reaching for something to dry their eyes.

In addition to the Star Wars funeral, Robinson was also able to knock out some other great moments near the end. He rode on a fire truck for the first time. He video conferenced with former Doctor Who star Matt Smith while he was in the hospital. He got a visit from Take That singer Gary Barlow, and he got to celebrate his birthday early with a nice splashy party.

You can take a look at Jack’s smiling face below…

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If nothing else, this story is a reminder of how much joy a great movie can bring to people’s lives. This little kid’s interests touched a lot wider than Star Wars. The movie was far from the only thing in his life. He had loving parents, loving siblings and an entire community willing to mourn for him, but in Star Wars, he found a heck of a lot of fun. As such, I can’t think of any better way he could have gone out.

Here's one more picture for the road...

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