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42 Will Balk Its Way Onto Blu-ray in July

Forced to learn a new position and given a less than welcoming reception by some of his teammates, Jack Roosevelt Robinson had every excuse in the world to fail when he broke baseball’s color barrier on April 15, 1947. Amidst all that pressure and without others to relate to, lesser men likely would have crumbled beneath the stifling expectations and heinous insults. Instead, Robinson rose to the occasion, turning himself into an all-star, turning his team into one of the most beloved in the history of baseball and convincing many other baseball teams to begin immediately integrating their rosters. His heroism changed both baseball and America. Earlier this year, that heroism was rewarded with a biopic, and now, 42, the thrilling movie starring Chadwick Boseman, will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in July.

Much of Robinson’s story is, of course, triumphant in nature, but 42 forgoes many of those smiles in favor of telling the more traumatic story of Robinson’s initial rise to the Brooklyn Dodgers. At times, the racism and the shoddy treatment are hard to watch, but in the end, they just make the standout’s successes that much sweeter. Plus, in the skilled hands of writer/ director Brian Helgeland, it feels like a slice of our past that needs to be told.

Prior to 42’s release, many thought the film would play to only a niche market, but it actually generated almost thirty million dollars at the domestic box office during its opening weekend, and now that it’s prepared to hit Blu-ray and DVD, there’s no reason to think it won’t continue surpassing expectations.

Available July 16 from Warmer Home Entertainment and Legendary Pictures, the Blu-ray Combo Pack will retail for $35.99 and the DVD will be priced at $28.98. Luckily, with wide interest expected and numerous outlets likely to offer sales, potential buyers will likely get a nice break on the above prices. To check out the bonus features, you can take a look at the specs below…

42 DVD Bonus Materials

  • ”Stepping Into History” featurette

42 Blu-ray Combo Pack Bonus Materials

  • All DVD content
  • “Full Contact Baseball” featurette
  • “The Legacy Of Number 42” featurette
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